Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bend it like Beckham- or Stunt it like Beckham, Victoria is FABULOUS..

So I have always been a non fan of the spice girls, But always a fan of Victoria, I think this woman is all things Glamourous and Fabulous.. She screams Classy and Elegant.. All this talk about the damn royalty wedding and what Kate Middleton wore- (Alexander Mcqueen), may I add.. Mcqueen toned down the couture-ness of their designs to fit Kate's plain and simple, classy style.

Dont be offended but there is a reason why Victoria Beckham is being streamlined as we speak on the web. This Chick is amazingly Dressed. The dress she wore was from her Spring 2011 collection. Its very simple, sheek, and free flowing. She topped it off with a small petite hat that not many people could wear. But she ran the mess out of this outfit.. I love V-Beckham and David Beckham looked fine a usual... See pictures below:

 Victoria has always been such a style Icon to me. She can wear anything and it looks amazing on her. From dress to impress to umm let me stunt in a dogders uniform, with V- Beckham white skinny jeans and 5 inch wedges tennis shoes. She is who I love to look at, I will be walking around with all my boys (Future thought), Looking fabulous in 5 inch heels, being the princess of my family..

She is soo fierce that she in one of the few Pop Stars/ Entertainers to cross over into a successful high end designer. Check out She has an array of clothing, handbags and accessories. But hold your breathe, most of the items in her collection range between $1200- $3500- dresses alone. Her hangbags are around the same. Her accessories (Sunglasses- $ 425- $600 a pop). Even her jean line- they will set you back anywhere between $ 200- $450 a pair. But you have got to love this chick and her style and collection. I am soo for it and would love to dress my closet into alot of the Victoria Beckham threads.  

 Who walks in the airport- with a mid-calfed skirt, heels and hermes bag, Knowing she is traveling afar-
-- Umm Victoria Beckham does.. hahah LOVE HER..

Love this outfit below: She is wearing Victoria Beckham Jeans, Balmain Blazer ( Love all things Balmain) and one of many Hermes bags that her lovely husband gifts her with every year. JEALOUS...
 This is why I love to dress. I am very versatile in the things I wear. I love being a women and dressing in all types of clothes. I love the long high waisted skirts that are mid calfed, topping it off with a beautiful silk blouse of some sort, or pairing the blouse with wide leg trousers. I think when a women dresses in this sort- shows a confidence and status that is not normally presented in the every day woman.
 I believe that when Fall/ Winter comes, one should go out and buy pricey jackets/ coats/ and blazers. I love this jacket she has on. It was made so well. Tailoring is a big thing and you should always belive in tailoring your blazers/ some coats, ect. when you purchase them.

NOTE: Whenever you tailor something, that piece is never the same. It becomes your style. Your own design, made for your own body type. This could also be a quick outlet to never seeing someone wearing the same exact threads as you. Because ultimately that style of the Blazer/ Coat or whatever, will conture and look different on you.. With tailoring you have a chance to put your own flair and creativity to it.

Take NOTES - This is how a women of class should dress and carry herself...


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