Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mint Ice Skream...

Mint is actually a huge Spring trend color this season, well actually has for been for the past couple of Spring Seasons, but this time designers are going full force.. I am soo happy to be obsessed with a world that designers have such creative, colorful, artistic mindsets. and most of them believe in making a  garment or shoe a living and walking art.. This is what makes FASHION exciting..

Mint is a must have and a def SURE buy- so BUY.. Here below are some Minty treats..
These BAD boys are to die for in my book and would love to add them to my closet- YSL cardinal suede moccasins- Retail @ $ 1695.00... MAJOR sophistication foreal..

 I have this color nail polish, bought it about a year ago.. Love it soo much. Very fun color to wear... Im actually wearing it right now with one finger topped with white crackled polish...
These bangels are super cute and fun, You'll get a lot of use and wear out of them for this Spring and Summer seasons.

I love all things Equipment button down blouses- the texture, the fit, the clow of thes blouses are amazing- cost you $ 225 a pop..
Love the texture and shape of this clutch below- very cute and girly... Great for Winter/Spring/Summer !!!
Mint Ice Skream- One of my Fav Spring Colours..EAT UP !!! Yumm..

Disclaimer- Photos borrowed from internet,,,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trend alert for Spring - Retro colored rainbow

 One of my favorite seasons is coming up- check out the below whats Hotness and still on the rise..

I have been in love with the yellow Giuseppe Angela is sporting. try doing a pop of color like she has. NOTE: one should never go over board in the colors of the neon family. Stick to a basic outfit and compliment the outfit with something bright to stand out. Because neon has really never went out of style, don't be scared to buy the neon in shoes or purses. I guarantee you will be wearing them for seasons to come. Both shoes Angela is wearing in the pictures above is from Giuseppe Zanotti. This designer is good for making very color shoes..

To the leopard bag, you fear to wear something like denim in leopard, try wearing it in a purse/clutch/ or backpack. YSL has amazing leopard clutches, has always done leopard right. but if you can not buy such  a pricey item RIGHT NOW, go for a smaller brand who leopard does not look cheap. SM- Steve Madden is good with leopard. This is probably the number one knock off company to bigger brands and Bebe as well, that I have seen.. You'll get good quality for a smaller price...

 Courtesy of Rachel Zoe- The Zoe these two items are my favorite for the spring - The Tom Binns Massai necklace below- retailing @ 1650.00, and the Pierre Hardy Leopard print Backpack- retailing @ 2175.00

 The neon colors are really going to be a hit this spring- So try buying the unique color schemes that some of these designers are using for bib necklaces and other jewelry pieces. These piece make a huge statement and adding it to a casual outfit is your best go to. You can for sure get away with wearing a necklace like this in the day time. It is all about adding a touch of color to your wardrobe and outfit this season.

Spring loves you must have this season:

Leopard prints: whether is it pants, blouses, tshirt, shorts, skirts, scarves, hats, backpacks, purses- clutches, heels, sandals, head wraps, the list can go on- you get my point- all things leopard is a go
The DVF takeover- her Resort collection is a wonderful one and the most represented brand of neon and bright colors galore, when you are at nordstrom- savvy, Saks fifth- check out her collection or go to her website and you will see what I'm talking about. I wanted to purchase a couple of neon items from her.
Neon nail polish
bright colored/neon sweaters and cardigans- Jcrew has a great collection out right now on thin material sweaters- $79 a pop..
Colored denim- still in of course, so buy up.. Jcrew again has a lot of pastel denim.. and this season a lot more denim designers are jumping on the Jbrand band wagon and making more colors for the consumers.     NOTE: Jbrands are the best fit and best material I feel.. Also Joe’s jean are great too, but make sure to by a size smaller as their fabric on the patterns or colored denim tends to stretch out in the bum area. But Joe’s Jeans has their five color denim out now, so they have fun filled colors to choose from.
Neon jewelry - Try DYI- if it is hard to find a lot of Neon Jewerly- the garment district should be your best friend- this way you necklaces, braclets, and earrings will be one of a kind..
Foil textured denim/jeggings - Newest hit trend- Current and Elliot have done a good job with this trend
Thick heeled pumps- they have so many colors to choose from, you can find at Steve madden
Neon threads
Knee lenght button down dresses
Tribal bright necklaces
Denim button down shirts
Colored/Neon shorts and /or skirts
Wide leg slacks/ denim are still in
Printed denim
Sky High Wedges - My fav...
Dior- neon pumps

 Here is a pair of leopard pants done right. This is a pic of me the other day spending time in LA.. They are the most comfortable denim leopard pants I have bought or found. I went back in fourth on the Current and Elliott soft leopard pants and the Joe jeans leopard pants. But I settle on the Joe's, but thinking about going back and purchasing the Current's again. I am that type of girl that if I'm going to go leopard its going to be rich in you can see me walking down the street.. LOL, BUT the Current's bring that soft touch to an outfit, good for the daytime..

When traveling and going out with friends, try to wear things that pop.. Neon dress that Evelyn is wearing is an amazing color on her and an amazing color in general. Like Ive said this is my favorite color in neon. I made it my point to bring alot of neon's ( since Im a bright color wearing girl) into my closet these past years.

 Color blocking has not died down this upcoming spring, so please still go for it. Do as Kelly Rowland did and put colors together that most people don't do- usually most people do the obvious color blocking colors. So don't worry if your closet is looking like rainbow you cant escape, use your imagination and start blocking.. you can never go wrong with color blocking- because its your own personal color scheme..

You can always add a pop of bright color purse as Kourtney did with her Birkin. She kept the outfit very girly and neutralized and made the big statement with the orange bag.. There are many colored purses out there this upcoming season.

Love it Dolls

Disclaimer: photos from, Internet

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday crushes...Skream Prissy girl...

                                                        I am a MIU MIU fan too.. XOXO

Told you Im an Atwood lover.. yummy, candy flavored pump.. Ill call them " Bubble Gum Kiss"...

Disclaimer: All photos are copyright and owned by Maya

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lover Girl Swimsuits- Rihanna Edition

Just had to show this swim suit off. I heart it. Rihanna stays having the cutest swimsuits ever.. If you are looking for cute, unique suits this summer season.. Peep at Rihannas style..

Sexy one pieces are a MUST MUST HAVE, they have really taken the one piece and made them more desireable than the two piece suits, You will and can def find the most seductive, sexy, skimpy one pieces out there, that make just as strong of a statement than a obvious two piece..

Rihanna ( Above) in a Norma Kamali Swinsuit retailing @ $350.. LOVE IT..

Here is another one, that should be copped up..

                                     This suit is made by Mikoh Swimwear- Top $ 94, Bottom $94

The picture above- doubled Captured in one picture .. Swimsuit designed by Tavik Swimwear. ( Corazon top with Maya bottom) - haha def a must have for me- its made for me... LOL ;)
Top $ 108, bottom $ 98

All these swimsuits are a must have.. Buy them up..

Disclaimer: Photos borrowed from internet sources/blogs

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let it POP !!!

 One thing I realize today, is that you have to live freely. Your are an individual in this 7 billion person world. Take chances in life and go for your dreams.. I feel like I have been trapped from what I really love to do. Its amazing how colors make me feel like I'm a kid in the candy store. Textures, details, trimmings, all excite me.. I know what my natural gift is, what is yours?

 Haha this is funny, I always wear this clutch when it does not match anything, but with this outfit it goes well..

I never tuck in my blouses all the way, I always like to go with the tail in the back.. lol give it a more casual look...

Cant wait for spring to come, my fav season.. I bought this neon yellow skirt two years ago and now I finally am going to get to wear it.. Paired it with Jcrew denim button down shirt, CL heels, and a colored multi chained necklace from Nordies.. and a Rebecca Minkoff Clutch..

Disclaimer: All photos are copyright and owned by Maya

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Great Threads...

So these outfits are soo me, Thought Id share with everyone..

 I def want this blouse that Kelly rowland is wearing. Everything looks good on this girl.

I love the color of jessica's boots and her fur is asweome as well..

 Aww I want this fur that Irina is wearing - See below or above

 Love Draya- She was my Fav on BBWLA.. Very cute simple outfit.. With a pop of color

 Love everything about Ciara's outfit, Even her hair.. Im going two tone in a lil bit with my hair.. Def lovin the denim/leather jacket she wore under the fur..

Photos:,, Jacksonlee.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Crush Alert- the dress and shoes..

I fell in love with these YSL tribtoo cap toe pump when I saw them on Brandy reading a blog- These are def a must have, I have always been in love with the cute colors that YSL has for the cap toe pump. But these two toned stunners are to die for.. A def must have--- Retailing @ $ 839

I personally hate that she paired the YSL  pumps with this tweed outfit- She should of chose nuetral pumps to match with the outfit. But regardless the pieces separate - she did good.

On another note: I am loving her Alexander Wang stripped dress - I am loving Alexander Wang's collection this Season- I copped one of the new cardigans he has out for the season and though I have not had a chance to wear it, I am dying to wear it..

Toodles dolls

Disclaimer- pictures from, and internet

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Isabel Marant- you go girl..

Sneak in my cloest please... I want about two pair of these sneakers- retail $ 750
 My fav of them all.. they have a wedge built inside the shoe, but of course when you were them, they look like a normal sneaker.. Street funk with a twist I should say..

NOW TO THE FASHION- I love this chicks style. I love how she reaches out to the real casual, funky chick, to the really prissy girl.. I love her shoes, boots and clothes. She is really a great designer, fun for all girls who love fashion. In one of my post a while back during the summer season- I posted a photo of the fringe boot that is amazing. Retailing @ $1400. The boots are to die for.. Very girly... I think she did the fringe very well on the boots. I took liking more than any other designer I have seen use fringe on a shoe..

Fringe boot I was talking about above

Some pieces from her Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

Photos:, various internet sites,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Happy New Year Barbies !!!

So its 2012 Barbies.. HIP HIP HOORAY !!!!

I've been really thinking hard about my blog and what I want it to become, evolve into and represent in the new year. 2011 was a good year for my blog and company- I tested different outlets of things I wanted to post and have had huge followings behind it. I have decided to keep doing all that I did for my blog from 2011 and add more of my own styling fits to my post. I talk a great deal about styling tips and fashion, but those who do not know me or do know me and never see me on a regular basis or at all, dont know really how I dress.. 2012 Ill give you monthly recaps of my outfits I have worn or just put together in general. I will capture more of Charen consultants work and also partake in mini styling photo shoots. I will add a little different approach to my blog, to become more personal with my followers and give them a little more of Fashion Mimi..

This is pic totally represents me and my dollfaces (my girls) - Fashion Freaks

Tip of the day:  2012 should be filled with nothing but Laughter, Joy, Happiness and Great Shopping.. LMAO. Always be inspired and go after your dreams. Never become discourage and always find something that will motivate you every day. Keep God first and you will succeed at anything and everything you touch.. Do something this year that you have always wanted to do, but never got the chance. One of my New Years resolutions is to travel a lot more. Whats yours?

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