Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lanvin- YOU melt my heart..

"I wish I knew how to enjoy it more"

Overweight, uncompromising, plagued by self-doubt, Alber Elbaz is an unlikely fashion icon. But when he took over as head designer of Paris fashion house Lanvin, sales soared (and so did his anxiety levels ...)

        Alber in the middle of all the ladies.. You would of never guess huh???? Mi heart him

 Love Lanvin Childrens line.. So happy Alber debut it earlier this year. I think it is soo cute when a high end designer, designs collection for children. Although most can be very pricey and seem a little unrealistic to buy a child a $500 dollar jacket when they will be out of it in the next two months, But hey if the parents are in style, so should thier children.. It should always go hand in hand.. RIGHT????

Watch Lanvin Spring 2012 Ready to wear

WWD: Lanvin RTW Spring 2012
I am soo obsessed with the sheer dresses this up coming spring season, Although I dont know if it would be appropiate for the everyday use. Id say only for night time outtings. Lanvin is amazing to me.. I will always heart Lanvin

Friday, October 21, 2011

Must have- I LOVE

Guiseppe Zanotti - Retail $ 895...

Givenchy @ $ 795.00

Nicholas Kirkwood @ $ 995.00

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This chick had impeccable style to me- Solange Knowles

Solange is def coming into her own and making her own icon statement through her fashion game. She is def the best dress chick out of the knowles family. Her inspiration is Diana Ross and you def can tell by her hair and the threads. She is all about color, just as I am so im sure you can see why I love her fashion sense. Patterns are another thing that alot of women are afraid to wear. I assume they dont feel confident enough to know that they can pull off a strong pattern material. African prints are the best when trying to find a print only because they are always enriched with fabulous bright colors. This is probably why missoni made their trade mark in their signature pattern because its like no other. You know that the jig saw patterns only belongs to missoni.. I am soo in love with patterns and colors..

Read it from her own words from an itnerview she just did

On her personal style
I definitely gravitate toward prints and color. I love to play with prints on prints, but I try to have a good instinct about what to match. Like, if I have a Pendleton print, mixing that with a tribal African print will give off National Geographic-gone-bad vibes. So if I wear an ethnic print, I contrast it with a bright top, or maybe stripes.

On her style inspiration
Diana Ross is the quite obvious one. If you look at pictures of her in the ’60s, ’70s, through the ’80s, she embodied everything about that era in such a timeless way. Her hair is a whole other conversation! And seeing photos of my mother from the ’60s and ’70s, she was a total rebel with her style. She had extremely fine hair and washed it with detergent to coarsen it up and had this amazing Afro.

On her favorite colour
Yellow is my absolute favorite color to wear. I also love hot pink. When I match my prints with those colors, I feel it’s a “me” outfit.

On her most recent purchase
I’m not a huge jacket girl because I grew up in Texas where we wear Daisy Dukes on Christmas. Then I lived in L.A. Having just moved here, I am understanding the importance of a real jacket. I bought a black Helmut Lang blazer and three coats from J. Crew. Now I’m moving on to walking shoes.

Check out the blog from

Style is truely AMAZING to me...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iheart - you should too...

Check out

In love with this outfit below.. its def a county girl wedding inspired

These rain boots are def a DYI project.. easy to do.. its soo cute and girly.. LOVE IT

                         This coat dress is soo 1940's  inspired.. loving it in the mustard color

 These flats are soo cute. I am such a girly girl tom boy.. lmao I love bows on shoes and coats, and shirts, and ect...
Trench your game up... They have some really cute girly trenchs out now...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Color wheel

Fall is here of course ( MY FAV Season) and most expensive season- which Im sure it is for everyone who loves this season.


Colbalt blue
Navy blue
Emerald Green
Forrest Green
Kelly Green
Neon green/yellow
Burnt orange
Rustic orange
Chocolate Brown
Desert Tan ( Ha I made that one up)


Must haves:

Skinny cigarette trousers
Military inspired coats
Hooped scarfs
Tribal prints
Patterned stockings
Leather Pants or leather faux
Long sleeve maxi dresses
Faux python cluthes/ purses
Faux python shoes
Mens inspires loafers
Wide leg high waisted denim
All day blazers- of course
Over size blouses
Cardigans / Sequenced at that
Cashmere Sweaters
6 inch Booties
Fringe - anything of course
Oversize sweaters
Faux fur vest - as I have talked about
Big brim hats- To die for in my book

Layering is very important this season as well. Not becuase it is cold and windy ect, but becuase it just looks cute

- Layering in multipe Bracelets
- Layering with a sweater or thin cardigan with a blazer on top
- Layering in wearing stockings with Leg warmers and boots - this one may be too hot
The list can go on, depending on how good you are of dressing yourself and putting threads together.

Color blocking is still hot- Try using the colors above to color block into your own inspired look.

What I think is going to be the "NEXT COLOR BLOCK" inspiration- which has hit the scene but not that hard, due to most being scared to try is  Pattern Blocking.. This can be tricky but if pulled off it will look hot
Try to pattern block stripes with polka dots, or plaid with python - example: a plaid shirt with a python


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