Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mint Ice Skream...

Mint is actually a huge Spring trend color this season, well actually has for been for the past couple of Spring Seasons, but this time designers are going full force.. I am soo happy to be obsessed with a world that designers have such creative, colorful, artistic mindsets. and most of them believe in making a  garment or shoe a living and walking art.. This is what makes FASHION exciting..

Mint is a must have and a def SURE buy- so BUY.. Here below are some Minty treats..
These BAD boys are to die for in my book and would love to add them to my closet- YSL cardinal suede moccasins- Retail @ $ 1695.00... MAJOR sophistication foreal..

 I have this color nail polish, bought it about a year ago.. Love it soo much. Very fun color to wear... Im actually wearing it right now with one finger topped with white crackled polish...
These bangels are super cute and fun, You'll get a lot of use and wear out of them for this Spring and Summer seasons.

I love all things Equipment button down blouses- the texture, the fit, the clow of thes blouses are amazing- cost you $ 225 a pop..
Love the texture and shape of this clutch below- very cute and girly... Great for Winter/Spring/Summer !!!
Mint Ice Skream- One of my Fav Spring Colours..EAT UP !!! Yumm..

Disclaimer- Photos borrowed from internet,,,


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