Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 1st Time - Inspiration from a sweet tooth

It is interesting that food can be one of the inspirations of fashion that one can use to create a beautiful couture piece of art. I have found that many people are scared to look out side the box to show their true nature of fashion. Some are scared of colors in particular and can find themselves swallowed in nuetrals or the SIMPLE black.

Everyday life:

Take the photo for an example: I see beyond what is just a piece of dessert, Although it is very yummy and caters to my obession of sweets. I see that I could use this to actually go into my closet and create an outfit for the day.

Recipe for this:

Take a bright color shirt, any color this picture offers and pair it with a light washed denim skinny of any kind. To make your look more classy, you can change up the denim skinny for a tight fitted flare jean. The key to this oufit is pastel or bright colors... The thing about these cupcakes is that you do not need a whole lot of anything to make a statement. One should then pair this outfit with a nuetral shoe - perferribly a heel. You can either take a white tee, with a jean and a color heel. I am obsessed with the "Cinderella" Gianmarco Lorenzi pump Retail (between $1500- $3000). Screams Fancy... Id say pair these with a skinny jean to this outfit, so that you can make the shoe the statement of the outfit. Stay simple with the accesories though, and stick with gold to this outfit.

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