Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women- Create your mans look; Men- re- invent your look...

                                            Designer does not mean you are the shit, so do not stress on having to buy them..

You do not have to wear designer to make a statement or be classified as your game being super on point. But men you must match and use your color palette to the fullest. Try new things, and different textures to compliment your outfit.  Invest just like women do in major important pieces, like a nice trench coat- shown above. Burberry is the best at doing trench coats or military inspired coats. Invest in watches and nice pairs of shoes.. Shoes make the biggest statement so you better have a great shoe game.

Your jeans should sit on your bottom perfectly and not be too wide leg. The color of denim makes and breaks an outfit. Going lighter makes it look messy and not put together. Going darker makes your outfit look sharper and more posed. Take the deep v necks out of your closet and change them up for more round neck.

Try navy blue and black with dark denim. then change it up with a cream shirt...
Gucci is probably the most go to designer that men wear, But try other designers like Louis Vuitton, YSL, Louboutin shoes instead. To me, Gucci is so predictable. Try Bally's, or Tom Ford.

Women- Pick out some accessories for your man, Man pick out some statement pieces yourself. Trust me you will get noticed.

Men- like I state to women, please use color in your waredrobe, if you are dark complexion- venture into the brighter colors. Like purples, greens, yellows, reds, blues.. etc.. Do not go designered out and wear five designers in one outfit, nor do you want to go 5 pieces from one designer. That is a huge NO NO.. If you do- try to stay away from the monogram pieces- meaning the pieces that have the designer logo or name splattered all over the item. Stick with straight leg denim instead of wide leg and do not go too skinny on the skinny jeans..  Stick to the basic design from a designer with nothing but a small logo to trademark the item. STAY away from MONOGRAM...

For example- take these YSL shoes below... one would never know who they were made buy unless you are a fashionista/nisto or checked the small tag placed on the back of the shoes- take these shoes and NOW you can match them with a gucci belt or a Fendi belt. Get where im going with this????

                                          These YSL for mens spring collection are amazing. and I am a huge Fendi lover...
Brown and maroon are wonderful together. match this with dark denim and a navy blue shirt.

To Be Continued - IN THE MEANTIME Start shopping

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fine Men Crushes with great style

                                                                       Style Swag !!! but does not scratch the surface.


                                                                                        And CUT !!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Style ICON of the WEEK!!!

Solange is a complete style Icon.. This spread is stunning.. This girl has come into her own- and to me has the best style out of her and her sister... Beyonce take notes...

Disclaimer: All photos from

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mr. West is in the building- FINALLY

Koodles to Kanye- His last collection was a hot mess, this fall/winter collection he stepped his game up, and to me did a great job. Now that his shoes are running $5800, im sure Giuseppe gets most of that percentage of each sale. But his ready to wear collection deserves a HIGH FIVE.. this dude really thinks outside the box and is making that doe.. Smart man right there..

This bag is to die for- I def want it

Great Collection Kanye- you stepped your game up and did your homework- A plus for you

Friday, March 2, 2012

Alexander Mcqueen- You Better STOP that...

So my Fav Designer (RIP) has come out with some HOT thigh high boots.. Sarah Burton for Alex McQueen has always done a great job of aligning her creativity of designs with the same exact inspiration as Mr.McQueen. When you see the pieces she designs you automatically know its from a McQueen collection. 

These lace up boots remind me of the Emilio Pucci lace up boots that were out a few seasons back.. Alexander McQueen boots are to die for- screams dominatrix but full of sex appeal.. Great to pair with a cute over sized mini dress....  I definitely want these boots. A must have..

A girl should always have a Major shoe game..

 Cassie rocking them... She paired them with a beautiful mint green (Equipment blouse) Love her fit.. Shes such a beautiful woman...

                                                           Great Magazine Spread too

                                                                NUFF SAID !!!

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