Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wedge Architect

Ahhhh, The Wedge

Definition please: On most shoes, the "heel" sits under only the heel of the foot, but a wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front.

Hi my name is Maya and I am a wedge shoe addict. I have to have them very high, very comfy and very for me.. Haha

The wedge heel is one of those shoes that one can not go wrong with. They are structured in such creative ways. I foreal have like 20 pair of them. in boots, booties, heels and ect. This is my go to shoe in my closet.

Spring is here and there are sooo many types of wedges that a chick can choose.

  • Lanvin has the sickest wedge out right now (Snake-print canvas wedge sandals- Retail @ $ 1120.00). I have broadcasted this wedge to the world on my FB page.
  • Chrisitan Louboutin (Paria 140mm- Retail @ $ 525.00)  has a fabulous wedge as well.
  • Jimmy Choo (Ellie leather and mesh sandals Retail  @ $1495.00) has some out right now that are O SO AMAZING.
  • Emilio Pucci (Suede multi-strap platform sandals- Retail @ $ 890.00) as well. 

Although these brands are expensive you can always find the same creativity in such brands are Joes Jeans ($ 200-300), Steve Madden ($125- 189), Trouve ($150- 200), Dolce Vita ($89- 150), BEBE ($169- 189), ect.  I am very much into the higher you go the better. I love that a wedge can act just like a high heel and compliment the structure of a women's leg.

You can wear wedges with almost anything and everything. I find when putting outfits together for my everyday wear. I will put on a button down blouse, tucked into jeans or denim shorts w/ belt, throw a high wedge on and go about my business. The beauty about the wedge is that you can wear them to dress up or dress down in. I believe every girl should own a pair of wedges. Go for the height, the height of a wedge can make or break the shoe and your outfit all together. It is all about height for a FANCY chick like me.


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