Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, April 11, 2011

Romp into/ or Jump into Spring and Summer

A huge trend that is out and has been out for years is the Rompers and Jumpers. I myself have found the convience of slipping on a one piece item, but the frustration of slipping it off when you have to go pee.. hehehehe... Beside that I believe the Rompers and Jumpers are here for a lifetime and compliments every women's body type. DEPENDING on which one you buy.

As one browses through many fashion boutiques, High end retails stores, and web shopping, you will find a variety of such threads. All designers from high end to low end have made or are still making it available for  this to be a go to item in every women's closet. Such designers are Catherine Malandrino,  and DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) are doing unique jumpsuits. I bought a BEBE by Kardashian romper a while back (Resort collection) , still have not worn it but I love it because its classy, elegant and the way its made it looks more like a dress. Such a date outfit I tell ya. I bought it in the Rose color because of course as I stated before, this color is coming in full effect. All I have to do is add a fringe necklace with it and Im pretty much done. NOTE: That is the only item I have every bought from the Kardashian collection because the rest of their mess was whack- Applause to Bebe for dropping those chicks..( - I mean sometimes I know)

Kim Kardashian just sported a Catherine Malandrino jumper in the streets of hollywood last week.. My opinion on it is, I like the jumpsuit but not on her. The jumpsuit she chose would compliment a women who was not soo curvy and taller, but because Kim is standing at 5'2 bare foot and curves to die for (literally with all that plastic surgery), I could not "get with it" that much with her in this jumpsuit. So I had to look beyond her little self and see the beauty of the jumpsuit as a whole..

When shopping for a jumpsuit, please remember to think about your body frame, your breast size and your height. Having too much somewhere and not enough in other places can make you look crazy in a jumpsuit. The fabric of a jumpsuit and romper is suppose to compliment you, not attack you in all the wrong places.

This jumpsuit on Rihanna I love soo much, It was made 3 years ago and trust when I first saw it I was looking all over the place for it. But with this jumpsuit you definitely have to have the body frame for it, many people would be scared or say this is ugly, but that is probably coming from the people who never look outsitde the box or appreciate the creativity of the designer. YES I CAN STRUT THIS JUMPSUIT LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT AND GARANTEE THAT I WOULD HAVE PEOPLE ASKING ME WEAR I BOUGHT IT.. -PREACH..LOL

Jumpsuits and Rompers are made for everyone, but you also have to be careful about which style and cut fits you. Some Jumpsuits and Rompers that I love are as follows:

Sass & Bide- This designer duo I love.. they have a romper  ( Take two printed stretch silk romper -Retails $630.00), This romper is good for going on a date, matching it with a black, red, or white blazer and you are good to go. Try wearing a strappy sandal heel instead of a close toe pump, since it is Spring.

Sass & Bide- ( Jump for space stratch silk strapless jumpsuit- Retails @ $ 800.00)- This Jumpsuit has a small sweetheart top and is straight to the point- meaning it is a straight fitted jumsuit. For this id say not to wear a blazer with it because you will hide the beauty of the jmpsuit. The jumpsuit is very simple but edge at the same time. Since the color only comes in black- try to stick some color in it by wearing a bight color heel. Wear your hair in a slick back ponytail to all your facial features show. ( Call this look "the slick chick" look).

Bottega Veneta- (Belted fine - kint cotton jumpsuit- retails @ $ 1280.00). This jumpsuit is sexy, covers more but with the right shape or the right accessories, one can pull it off without hesitation. This too is a date jumper

DVF - ( Jhumpa jumpsuit retails @ $ 465.00)- This jumpsuit many women would turn it down, walk passed it or not even try it one. BUT for me I guess that is a good thing because I know not that many people will be wearing it when I wear it. This is one my list to purchase this weekend.. Shhhhh.. With the right heels, right accessories, right hair style I can def pull it off. This jumpsuit screams comfy, fresh and cool- also has a 70's spend to it.. Can wait to try it on.. ;).

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