Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 LUSTFUL Essentials must haves for Fall 2011 (New Generation)

Fall is here... Taaaadaaaa (Well not really, Technically we are still in the Summer season), but remember when I told you that all Seasons' fashion starts a Season a head.. Well this is the time.. Even though July is almost over, I hope that some of you took my advise and started Fall shopping in the beginning of July.

There are soo many types of threads one can wear during the Fall Season and Im sure (Well I hope) most of you wear them right.. (Fingers Crossed). Well I am going to give you a list of 4 must haves for the Fall season that majority of all Fashionistas are running crazy trying to find.

1) Leather Pants- Ok sooooo I am in love with leather pants this Fall. Seasons before; most designers were giving you a little taste of leather or pleather on their jeggings, by adding patches down the legs. Those were cute and to die for.. but THIS season they are going all the way and bringing back the leather pants trend into the New Generation of Stunners... NOTE: If you are going to buy these, make sure to buy a quality priced and quality material pair. You can always buy a cheaper pair if you know that you are not going to be wearing these during the Winter season, or if you are just not sure if you can pull off this look.

Leather pants are not made for everyone. These above are to DIE for though.. These are the moto inspired leather pants and are not joke price wise.. They are " Work Custom Jeans Japanese Faux leather tuxedo crop leggera - Retaling  @ $ 440.00. There are some other ones that I actually tried on and they fit like a glove @ nordstrom, they are  " Leith Zip Hem Leather. retaling @ $ 598.00. These are a must have and getting snatched off the racks as we speak. BEST FALL ESSENTIAL right now.

2) The Fur Vest ( Faux or sometimes real) - These vest were a huge hit for the past two Fall seasons.. They are back and out with a vengence. I have seen soo many cute Fur vest - weather they are faux fur or real. From the full monty to the fur being an added accessory onto a sweater. Either way or what style you buy, you will make a statement.

 Above is a fur vest that I did not buy but I should of. I opted for some other vest.. Probably because I hate Coyotes... Long story- but long story short- I have this thing with Coyotes because one jumped my back fence, killed and ate my little yorkie poodle.. I was sick for soo many weeks over it.. Any who this is why I hate those creatures... Vest above is : Vince Coyote Fur vest - retailing @ $ 1795.00. There are some cheaper ones out there like  Haute Hippie " Maraboro Vest" retailing @ $ 495.00.

3) Thigh High Boots - Pretty woman style... - LMAO - I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOTS. I love the thigh high boots, at first I was a little offended because sometimes when women wear them, they automatically look like a hooker.. and thats never a good thing. But as I started to play with ideas and see them on other people who wear them in a classy way. I fell in love and that is what my eye was looking for when I shopped for Fall season.

Many designers are making them and sometimes can cost a pretty penny either way you buy them. Unless you are buying cheap boots which like my momma said. never buy cheap clothes or shoes... Why- because they fall apart very easily, and they hurt like hell.. Christian Louboutin " Blk Suede Calfskin thigh high boots- retailing @ $ 1836.00. Yes CL is always an expensive brand, Chick save their rent money to buy them, which is not a good look.. So go for a less cheaper boot but still great quality. Belle Segerson Morrison leather lined heel- retailing @ $ 595.00.

4) Silk long sleeve blouses- This is all I buy ( Most of the time). In other blogs I have named a few that I literally have to have. So here are some more - These brands do the silk blouse very well. and yes they are  not going to come cheap, but will last you soo long- Joie retailing between $194.00- $ 250.00, Hinge $ 195.00, Haute Hippie $ 175.00- $ 250.00. Wearing a silk blouse verses a cotton shirt of course is gona make your outfit look 10 times more expensive and puts a little class with dat ass.. They compliment any bottoms you are wearing.. So go buy.

So I have given you 4 essential threads that I feel are being lusted after this Fall. If you read this whole blog and pair these 4 essentials together, you realize that you have put a whole outfit together that is very fashion forward and most likely will have you being stopped by people asking you wear you shop at.

- Take the leather pants- add the Silk blouse- add the Fur vest and top it off with the thigh high boots. Depending on what colors you go with- you will look Fab either way.. Unless you have a terrible color matching problem and you just can not get with the program of style. Remember style is within the eye.

4 colors that are HOT this Fall are : Eggplant - Dark purple, Brunt Orange, Dark Grey, and Kelly Green.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Style tips for summer 101

1) De-Stress with Dis-Stress- If you are low on money or just feel like wearing something of your own creation of this seasons hottest trend of short jean shorts.. Take a old pair of denim in your closet. Maybe they have holes in between the thighs.. or maybe you just want your own look...


- Cut in a STRAIGHT line using the hole as your marked starter point.. Fold the cut jean leg over onto the other long lenght side and use that as a marker to make both sides even.

- For the distressed look- take a razor (double edge or a regular razor) and make cuts through the shorts carefully cutting only the first layer of the material..

- IF you want a acid feel- carefully take bleach and lightly splash onto your jean, or for the double dipped look- simply dip the bottom portion of your shorts into bleach..

- After completed to your satifaction- Wash the jeans.

NOTE: The bottom of them jeans will wither away leaving hanging threads from where you cut them... If you are into studs- go to the garmet district and buy studs, make sure to get clothing glue and glue the studs onto your pockets on wherever you like.

Taaa daaa now you have the latest seasonal denim trend for the summer.. and you saved your money for something you can not resist at the mall.. You can also do the same with denim jackets and go with the punk look, by going sleeveless.

2) Watch your back- If your tired of your old cardigan or if you went an bought a new one. If you just want a new look use this below:


-Go to your local fabric store, or again back to garment district ( Micheal Lavine). Find your favorite fabric- try using more satins or a harder fabric based..

-Take your cardigan- lay it flat on a big surface table.. depending on what you feel like- CUT the whole back out on it, or cut a big heart in it, or do a square and leave the bottom of the orginial fabric of the cardigan.

-Get your sewing machine out or take it to a seamstress if you can not sew. Sew the new favoriate fabric on the back of the cargidan. NOTE: When using satin ,YOU have to make sure that the fabric is straight when you sew because satin pulls at the seams..

- When you are done- your old boring cardigan has now came back alive.. But now the back is unexpected when you turn around.. Youll look preppy in the front and stylish in the back.. Tattoo your look.

3) Zip through your Summer- There are many swim suits available for us barbies to wear. Why dont you change it up.. Zippers have always been soo much fun to me.. Zip up or Zip down.


-Take a one piece swim suit that is just boring or a bikini...

-Take a good pair of fabric scissors and neatly cut from the bust down to your navel area, or cut from your armpit down to your hip..

-Take a long 12 inch zipper and sew the zipper on..

Taaa Daa you now have a new look- NOTE: You can also do this with a two piece swim suit.. and you can put the zipper either in the front of the bottom of the suit or the sides, or the back.. Or you can put it within the body of the swimsuit.. Do the same the top and now you have your own personal styled/created suit for the beach or pool..

More Personal tips for style envy to come...

What is me.. Diary

Hi Barbies :

I have miss you all fashionable stunners...

So what defines fashion- Fashion to me is an opportunity to express your world. It tells a story of what you love, your personality, and your attitude..

What motivates you- Motivation within fashion to me is the colors I wear. I have stated I love all bright things.. Being chocolate I love that all colors pop and compliment my skin tone. Colors in fashion to me are like a canvas for a non materialized coloring book in my head.. I never color inside the lines when it comes to color within fashion..

What is my favorite thread- Threads are very important.. If we did not have them we would all be naked. Hahahahah I love all my threads to be honest... I dont buy something unless I love it.. If I like it or think aww its ok, I wont buy it.. This sometimes results in buying expensive threads.. I get that from my mom and the women in my family.. Blame it on them... Quality is always better than quantity..

What is design to me- Design can be inspired by anything in this world.. I am inspire by house design and sometimes carry over into styling and my threads. Designing a home, architecture of what I want that no body created or thought of. This is probably why I like Alexander Mcqueen so much.. Bless his heart he creates master pieces.. Art that is wearable.. Always thought outside the box and far creative from such simple, classic pieces are Chanel or DK...

Fashion/ and Styling makes me HAPPY..!!! Like a kid in the candy store...

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