Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, November 14, 2011


Goodmorning- lets check out some XOXO looks that def caught my eye and threads that I would def have in my cloest...

So this dress designed by Dominique Auxilly is such an XOXO dress to me. It is fun and exciting. Love the complimenting fabrics that are spandex and mesh.. and all know that i am obsessed with neon colors..... Short sleeve worn by Adrienne Bailon, long sleeve wore by video director and shoe designer - Vashtie Kola.. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PREFER????
Love the stockings rihanna has on. I love this outfit, even though most would be like ummmmm IDK Maya... Im loving her jean jacket with fur, of course she is sporting the runway dreamz american flag shorts... This is why I love this girl so  much, she will wear anything and stunt it as if its the everyday fit mot women wear... XOXO
I love Malaysia Pargo, She is one of my favorite BBW's period and on BBWLA beside Draya maylasia is the only reason why I watch that show-  Personal note: I think they should swap out susie from BBWmiami and replace her with Malaysia.. Just saying.

Anywho I love this two piece middle eastern inspired outfit.. I love everything about this outfit. NOTE: When you are in NY and Chi town, go to consignment shops. You wil find all types of designer clothes, some new , some vintage. Id say shop at the consignment shops in those towns, if you are looking for the best of the best. LA is a little whack to me. But that is probably because I dress with that east coast inspired swag. I dress like a eastern instead of a western.

Til next time.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dsquard2 Skate bootie- Would you dare?? I would..

Dsquard2 has always been known for the outrageous shoe designs.. This may by the newest trend and other designers have picked up on the idea- Alain Quilica Payson has a skate boot out- Seen on beyonce..SEE BELOW

June Ambrose stunting the Dsquared Fall/Winter 2011 collection bootie.. These are something fierce..

 I love this look way better because it looks more like a wedge and an everyday bootie. This bootie has the more vintage skate boot feel. Like something in the 1920's.. The old leather that was seen on all boots made back then.. Very plain with no texture.. Definitely the true leather look and feel.. I am truely obsessed with the heel..

                                                          Beyonce stunts them with her belly

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