Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspiration from the World of Color...

No big surprise I am a girl of color.. My first blog I talked about how to have inspiration from a sweet tooth ( A cupcake). This is what make a person unique and creative. Creativity is the foundation of Fashion, No creativity no Fashion.. This is what separates a person who is a stylist from someone who is just styled. Looking at all types of things in this world, makes me miss picking up my pencil and pad and designing. Its been such a long time and I truely do miss it.. I find myself in a place of serenity and a non resistent smile comes upon my face, as if an angelic thought of peace with God comes upon me..

Below, just a few outfits that come to mind when I see photography like such...
 I would take a white wide leg trousers (High waisted) with a white cotton blend tank tucked in. I would find a colorful braided belt ( incorporating all the colors you see above.. or make one to make the statement of my outfit around my waist. I would then pair it with a colorful bright purse.. Marc by Marc Jacobs always have great colorful purses. Retailing @ $275- $ 575.00. Leaving the outfit white on white gives the feel of pure and relaxed.
 I would take a gunmetal grey high shorts or high waisted ( Elizabeth and James, Glenn Shorts retail @ $225.) I would take these shorts and pair them with a pastel button down silk tank from Equipment retailing @ $ 198.00. I love these button down blouses from Equipment. They are long, flowy and cool for the season I stick with Gunmetal earrings and necklace adding a touch of silver within it.

I would take a white high waisted mid calf skirt and pair it with a soft colored mini top, showing a little stomach with this outfit.. Or taking a tank and knot tieing it right under my bosum.. Having a peek-a-boo feel . Pair it with a natural open toe heel. Stick with a natural clutch and your good to go out to dinner...

 I would do very plain and simple. I would take a pair of  light distressed denim shorts, pair it with a white Tee( front being tucked in while back is not), So that the natural belt and buckle can show . Then pair it with a bright slingback high heel (Guiseppe Zanotti's has very cute suede colored high heels with ankle strap out right now), and top the outfit with a long lenght and long sleeve cardigan (Navy Blue) bunched up at the elbows. Add a gold watch with gold bangles and gold earrings. Outfit pretty relaxed fun and cute for shopping...

Promise I'll start putting outfits together from my closet to show you visually what I have stated above..


Check out/buy LARAWMAGAZINE... SPRING BLING - piece I wrote for them...

Spring Addict

Spring is officially in the building and I am still trying to figure out why some women are still wearing boots. Spring is the up most representation of fun fashion. The season if not bias to one specific style of dress but some should just know better. Spring should make girls think of colors, pastels, girly dresses and fun fashion.

Threads that are still in or now in season:

- The Military inspired look I am sure will get old, but for now it has not died down yet. I believe fashion has created a way to make this trend fit every season; this being as simple as using different colors but with the same military inspiration. So since they offer this to us girls, why not continue to sport this trend. You have the cargo jackets, cargo pants and jeans, button down blouses, tee shirts and so much more.

- The Men’s dress shoe for woman. I am a huge fan of this shoe. It screams classy, sophisticated and serious all in one. This shoe was made to be worn by a woman. The fashion world has made it available for the woman to wear them with studs like the Christian Louboutin loafers, Wear them covered in glitter like the Steve Madden loafers, or the plain/ professional loafers and many more. These shoes look great for any season but for spring is it still do-able.

Style tip 1: Pair the men’s dress shoe with the boyfriend jean, or a simple straight fitted dress, or even a pair of high waist shorts with a skinny belt and a military inspired button down or just a classic T-shirt. Now you have combined the military trend with the men’s dress shoe and can go on about your business.

The don’t you Dare and the Dare to wear:

Fashion holds a great deal of responsibility and ownership of ones style and personality. A woman can lose her fashion card by just one mistake. One may pair something that just does not go with the rest of the outfit. It gets me that we have people who take DIFFERENT into a whole other level. In my every day adventures around the city I can not help but to study every woman around me that I feel, may have Style Swagg and others who lack it.

Don’t you Dare:

  • Don’t you dare wear denim shorts with leggings and boots when it is hot as hell outside
  • Don’t you dare wear a dress with UGG boots when boots are made to warm up and a dress is made to cool you off
  • Don’t you dare wear a maxi dress that is so tight you can not breathe and all your junk is showing through the fabric
  • Don’t you dare wear the clog inspired wedge- these make your feet look flat and not attractive at all- Yes it will kill your outfit.
  • Don’t you dare wear fabrics that hug you in the wrong places just because it is hot outside

Dare to wear:

  • Dare to wear maxi dresses, in the sense that the dress is complimenting to your figure. Maxi dresses are always in and sexy as well
  • Dare to wear lace embroidered tops- these are back in season and every girl should have one. They have lace embroidered blouses and camisoles for the hot days.
  • Dare to wear wooden platforms
  • Dare to wear a thin material scarf to add to your outfit- note: pick pastel colors that actually go with the season of spring. Stay away from black, dark blue, ect instead pick light pinks, whites, soft/bright yellow, soft greens and teals.
  • Dare to wear the cute boyfriend cut off shirts with jeans- It is always sexy to show a little stomach, HAHA only if you are in shape and have that flat stomach.

The thing I love about spring is that colors are limitless. Spring is that season that you can wear throughout summer and still be ok with the trends and threads. As I have been shopping and browsing I have notice the color trend that is coming in for this season; such colors as the reds, soft rose, burnt orange, teals, and yellows. White also is coming in full effect and making a statement like always in this spring season.

Style tip 2: Buy a white blazer- NOTE: Make sure the blazer is not a heavy fabric, try to find linen, Italian linen, or rayon/nylon blazers. You always want to stay away from heavy fabrics during the spring into summer seasons. You will look a hot mess having on a satin blazer on when it is 80- 90 degrees outside.

 You can then pair the blazer with a cute shorts romper, or a cute dress with flats, sandals, or the “Go to Shoe”; a wedge. When wearing a wedge, one can never go wrong. Pairing a wedge with this outfit will make a chick look fresh, prissy or daring to some extent. Depending on if she chooses to wear shorts, a short romper or short dress with this blazer. It is all about showing the leg but still staying classy all in one.

So remember spring is full of opportunities to express your style. It is the time for experimenting with colors and staying fresh. Use your imagination but do not choose crazy outfits that will make people want to pull your fashion card.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wake up to Fashion Fun...

Wake up fashion heads- Its Wednesday and a great morning to bring more fashion fits that I love and would STUNT in a heartbeat.. PREACH... !!!
 I am obsessed with Cassie's dress, especially the back of it.. Front veiw below... This chick is a banger and I love this outfit on her. The color works really well with her skin complexion..  Fashion is always fun to wake up too..

 Rihanna's fit for the Billboards 2011- Nuff said, outfit speaks for itself.. Dope fit... I would literally laugh at a chick if they tried to wear this outfit with a black shoe. I mean come on, just does not make any sense.. If your outfit is of a light color, ALWAYS stick to a natural shoe..
 So I am in heart of the maxi skirts. Style tip: I would wear a high waisted maxi skirt, and top it off with a cut off t-shirt (Showing a little skin), Sandals with a multiple chain bib necklace, adding lots of bracelets... The look is a very laid back look and fun for Spring and Summer seasons.. But I love the tribal short bustier that Solange wore.. Its bright, loud and exciting.. (Right up my alley).  I love the yellow maxi skirt she wore with it... CUTENESS.. GIRLY AS WELL....
What I absolutely adore this fit above.. Love the color ..... NOTE: See how the material is thin, linen instead of the traditional heavy fabrics... I think I love the suit look because its a clean, crisp style.. Topping it off with complete open toe sandals make this fit perfect for Spring.. Step outside the box ladies, trust me you will be glad you did.. Never strive to be the same, always try to do something different than the next chick...


My Inspiration- June Ambrose, gets NO better than this...

Every little girl has has a dream. When I was younger, I always knew that I yearn to be in the creative life. From winning poetry contest, to Designing dresses for my friends and I in high school, to even wanting to become a fashion designer, or being in marketing.. I always knew where my heart's loyalty was. That was Creativity. Being  the black women I am, it is definitely hard to relate to the norm of society. Yes I love all women who love fashion and style. Our society most of the time is one sided.

Because I am such in style and fashion I always love my Rachel Zoes, But the one that makes me pray at night that I can have the opportunities she has and be motivated to know that the route she took before dropping it all to live her passion, is MISS JUNE AMBROSE. I talk a little bit about her in FB one my "what am I wearing" album.. This women is soo beyond powerful in the fashion game it is ridiculous. She is my Rachel Zoe.. She is one of the MOST POWERFUL STYLIST in the world.. If I could drop everything to work with her, I would.. She is my inspiration for what I am trying to achieve, which is styling.. I love love the fact that she is a chocolate girl..
 June Ambrose is amazing in all that she does, she is the DOPEST stylist to me..She has styled every celebrity in the hip hop/ Black community.. Budgets of 100,000 plus to shop for someone and make them go from being a blank canvas to becoming a walking Stunner... She also host the Rip the Runway fashion show every year...  Everything she wears on her own daily life is like living a fairy tale. Everyday for her is a fashion show, and she is definitely working the runway.. She is the black barbie of today's fashion world. Here is a little of her Bio:

“Studying fashion was a privilege I did not have. My family emigrated from Antigua thirty years ago. There was no FIT, only books on costume-design—and I read them all!” Ambrose, who “always had aspirations of living in this big melting pot of a city,” found all the inspiration she needed from its streets: “In LA, your car is your armor. In New York, our sidewalks are our runways—we define ourselves through fashion.”
“I started my company Mod Squad in 1994, completely self-managed,” the CEO recounts, “And it’s become a total creative service. It’s brand imaging—discovering the artist’s alter ego and building a lifestyle around it—the sheets, the fragrance, the luggage.”

However, it was a previous stint in investment banking that inspired the entrepreneur. “I learned much about using money productively, and it helped me find my entrepreneurial spirit. But it was not the creative environment that I desired, and I knew if I stayed I would never be happy. It's courageous to leave a weekly paycheck and pursue clients. My parents were confused as to why I sacrificed benefits for an internship. They get it now,” she winks.The ambitious intern carried over this same drive when courting her first styling client at MCA—without so much as a portfolio. “It was about seizing the opportunity and building it into a business!” Ambrose exclaims. And in the business of building brands, none has proven more remunerative than her own.

 June Ambrose is a living, mobile fashion Magazine... Even her daughter is fresh to def from head to toe.. Some may say the treads she wears is way too daring, but what I love about her is that she does not care. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants.. She just recently launched her Turban Line.. Shown in pics above and below- she has become a noted icon for wearing turbans.. Retails between $ 125- $ 150.

 Loving the Block color trend that is out right now, of course miss june ambrose is wearing Gucci, that blazer retails if I can remember from looking at it in the store... @ $3000 and some change..
 HAHAHA I have searched high and low for these Christian Louboutins. Completely sold out retail $ 525..Fall collection 2010.. Haha that is why, they now have similar version out Spring 2011, but they are not platform, but we all know how I like my wedges...  She has a huge collection of Hermes bags, in all the great colors...  .
She is who I look at the most for inspiration to style.. Everything she wears is amazing to me.. This is why I want to be in NY, to intern with her.. I would love to dress the way I really wana dress, but in Cali is just not that practical. But I would love to go to NYFW and take in all that Fashion has to offer, and be a house whole name within itself.. IHEARTHER...

I read June Ambrose story all the time and realize that I can have that same dream and that dream can become a reality.. Ive learned that I only have one life and I need not be afraid to leave something to do what I really want to do, what I yearn to do. What makes me the happiest.... June wrote a book ( that I am still waiting for from Barnes and Nobles).. Anywho her book is called " Effortless Style". Amazing book...

She is a complete package of Class, Style, Fashion- wrapped up into one..

NOTE: The pictures I posted does not even scratch the surface of how much style this chick has... Google her NOW NOW NOW....

Educate yourself on June Ambrose..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Young Socialite in NY... Love this chicks style- Miss Olivia Palermo

If you are a girly girl and were glued to the tv when "The City" was on, you will know exactly who Olivia Palermo is. Besides her being the fashion chick on the show, who may I add was on point every time, and her working for Elle Magazine... She has been in the New York scene for some years now. She is a NY Socialite.. Yes coming from money helps any girl achieve her greatest potential of filling her closet up with the greatest Fashion brands out there. I have been watching this girl ever since she was on "The City". I love her sense of style.. Even the greatest photographer known for capturing the style of an everyday person from all around the world. Mostly NY and London.. "The Sartorialist". If you are a fashion freak, check out his blog. or go buy his book.. his book is basically his blog put on paper.. That book is what any fashionista should have on her coffee table at home. That and "The Fashion Book"...

Anywho Olivia Palermo is someone you should look at if you are trying to find new inspirtations to up your look. She is very very classy and shophisticated. One of the things I love about her, is because she what she wears shows that.. She is one of those girls that if you saw walking down the street, you would be like dang shes bad... I love love love her.. Sooo on point and clean... Elegant and exudes Classiness.. 

Google her and check out other fashion she wears, and just on another note: How ever your room, or apartment and closet is set up, styled, ect.. shows how you look in your everyday life. MEANING: if your apartment is fully decked out in all types of fabulousity, it tends to show in the clothes you wear..If your room is full of bright colors and modern shaped furniture, you tend to be more fun and daring in the clothes you wear. If your apartment and/or room is very nuetrual and plain, tends to show in the clothes you wear..  Weird thought huh, but think about it and its true.. Even how your closet is organized.. ALSO:  Google her apartment too.. And then youll understand that fashion is second nature for her, without even having to try she is style...

See pics below.

Toodles Dolls!!!

Bad Chick- More of the V- Beckham...

Haha I did not realize the first blog I wrote about the lovely Miss Victoria Beckham would be my number 1 viewed blog.. 550 views to be exact in less than a month of me posting that blog. So I decided to give my audience more of what they love to read from my blog..

FYI: Its not a hidden secret that I love fashion and styling. If you actually pay attention to the women I write about in my blogs, youll see that some of their styles are very similar, but yet soo different. The key to styling is taking something that someone would never try on or wear, and make that piece special to your look. I think this is one of the reasons why I hate when people try to rock thesame exact style of clothes that fit me, more of the reason is because they like the way I stunt it. Which is fine, but do what looks right for your personal look.  I have seen that many women look up to victoria beckham for inspiriation in style. To me that is what you should do. Check out someone you admire for their threads, instead of trying to copy that same exact look, use that look as an inspiration to alter for your own personal style.
Picture above.. Ok first and foremost I am a huge fan of hats. I love hats.. Yes I do have a whole drawl, neatly stacked full of all types of hats.. I am more of a drivers hat and fidora big brim hat type of chick.. This Fidora above that Victoria is wearing is all types of fabulous.. Brand: YSL....
I am super in love with this Coat. This is what makes me wish I did not live in Cali, and lived in NY...Only because Cali does not have normal 4 seasons.. East Coast and even the Bay Area (Go figure) have the true 4 seasons. Which means that Fashion is really Fashion and not simi.. But maybe this is a good thing for me, because that means I would definitely be broke, buying the dopest everything for that specific season... Being able to really dress my ass off.. Cali just does not give me that opportunity :(... Oh WELL...
Great thing about this outfit is the loose fitting, tailored trousers..Again Bcbgeneration have some out right now- retail @ 108. Do exactly what Victoria did and match it with a tailored blazer. Or since we are in Spring right now, Drop the blazer and you can match these trousers with a silk camisole with open toes heels instead of closed toe... and go for lunch with your girls sitting outside taking in the scenery and fresh Cali air..
Here she goes again strunting through the airport in Christian Louboutins open toe booties.. Love it....

This Mod inspired dress is from V-Beckham's line. I am all about colors, Zara right now actually has all types of bright orange, Pinks, Blues, ect ect right now. The dresses are more of the Mod look. and the way some of the tailored blazers are made; they are very similar to that 70's inspired look.. I love that store...

This is another option than the picture above with the moth green trousers. Add a scarf and go.. Or you can make the look more preppy and add a the " Zac Morris" look. Meaning the sweater around the shoulder and neck.. acting as scarf...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just SoYou Know.... Some REAL talk..

So this is a little off the record of just strickly fashion. But then again has to do with it..

JUST FYI: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Etc designers of purses do NOT make you. Yes I have these things but that is not what defines me, nor should it define any chick who have these brands. I am soo beyond tired of seeing girls who think they are better than others because they are carrying around these purses. There is nothing more uglier, than seeing a chick who just started to have the cash flow to start buying the REAL purses,  and then have the nerve to walk around like she is now better than any other women around and talk about someone who can not afford them..

News flash: Materials do not make you better than someone else. and if you start to buy these brands and have to act like you da best chick around- then it actually shows nothing but you trying to be on a status game that you were not brought up with or even can relate to in any other form or fashion. STAY HUMBLE about all things you do and have, because one day you can be up, and the next day you can be down... Yes these designers do not come cheap, but really like my mom says " Mimi anybody can afford whatever they want, but the way they pay for it is the key"... If you use your months rent or your financial aid from school to afford it then you do not need to be walking around like you are better than any one else because you bought yourself an expensive purse, shoes or clothes..

The one thing I think I hate the most is when women do that and act like they are better than the next chick... If you are " trying to keep up with the JONESES" and then have a funky attitude like you are better than someone else, then you should be ashamed of your self. PLEASE stop if you are.. because reality is MATERIAL items do not make you..

Our society is soo caught up in that, and I have witnessed a few girls that think they are better than someone else, just because NOW they can afford to by something expensive..

I just hate that. So CHANGE your attitude if this is you.. Not a good look and trust me you can tell that you are not use too expensive items or of class by the way your swag is, the way you talk, and they way you carry urself. REGARDLESS of whatever designer your arm is holding up, you cant fake the real you.

PREACH.... Promise no more blogs like this. I just feel I should put it out there since I this is pertaining to a fashion/ stlying blog.

Bright Shit... Stand that Ass out... :)

Hmm its been sometime, back from my vacay straight into blogging..

When I look at the color palette I am always soo drawn to bright ass colors. I think and have always felt that color can make your personality smile with out even actually having to make the facial expression. I believe this is why I love Spring and Summer so much, because these are the happy seasons even though they can be hot as hell most of the time. Trust me I am an avid shopper and shop every season like I never shop before, but for some reason I get like " A little kid in the Candy store" when Spring and Summer shopping comes around. I AM PRO BRIGHT ASS COLORS. 
J Brand can get a huge applause from me, for bringing the bright color denim back. They were around a few seasons back but I think some people went over board with trying to wear bright ass colored jeans..This action resulting in making me be a little (yuck status) for them. Most likely because of how some women's choices on what to pair these jeans with. Or some have washed the mess out the pants and the color begins to fade and looks way cheap when wore. Unless you are going for that faded look, then you are all good. But I believe when walking around you should wear a sign saying hey im going for the faded color look, so people can understand your outfit..

On another not,  I am in love with them for this season.

Above: I love that Kim wore them as the main attraction to her outfit. Normally pairing anything black with a bright color can make an outfit look hard, but the outfit still works; well actually this outfit works really well. But overall this is what you would want to do when you wear color denim.

Below: Khloe- hmm now this girl- quick note..  TOO TIGHT :(........ Although I like her more than her sisters, sometimes she forgets that she can not wear just anything. I feel that she sometimes forgets the size that she is, but thinks because she is a Kardashian, she can wear anything (even if its too tight) and get a away with it.  I do give her koodles for pairing these Red J brand denim retail @ 176.00 ,with a light washed denim button down and leopard belt and louboutins. This is probably the best example of how you would want to wear and match these color denim for Spring and Summer. The best part about these pants is that they are the thin material denim so in summer you will stay cool in them..
As many know that I am obessed with leopard so wearing leopard in an outfit ( when worn correctly) will always get my vote of approval.

This season is huge on light washed denim material button downs. They are making a huge come back and you can find them in almost any store. I just bought a sleeveless denim button down at BCBGeneration- Retaill @ 78.00. I also have a lot of light washed or stone washed denim button downs. I love to pair them with bright shorts, or color denim. or go simple as just wearing white denim with them and using my accessories to add color, or my shoes..

Tip outfit: Try these colors and outfit choices above, or if you are afraid to wear colored denim, wear white denim and sport a bright colored light weight scarf. When you go soft with the colors of your threads and go solid you can pop the color in your purse, earrings, necklaces and ect.. You can even use a regular button down top with a bright denim and natural flats or sandals for your everyday look...  NOTE:Usually when you wear a natural shoe always pair them with gold  or rose gold jewerly. Silver and natural just do not look right to me.

To be continued with Bright ass threads.....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shop Denimocracy/ Article VIII NOW......

I am always one of those friends that will support my best friends til the end- with whatever they are doing and wanting to accomplish. So this Blog is just for Denimocracy/ Article VIII...

The greatest thing made for a women has been the jeggings. They were made to fit like a glove. Fit most women, and have a relax fitting. I am soo lucky that the one person who is queen at designing and making Jeggings is one of my BEST friends... She is the head designer of Denimocracy and Artcle VIII. Stars all over go to her for these specific Jeggings. There is none made like um..

Stars include- Christina Augilera, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, The Kardashian Klan, Avril Lavigne, Keri Hilson, ect.. Denimocracy has created soo many styles that are daring to wear and plain and simple.. These are what I wear to work and my everyday outtings.. Depending on what type of chick you are and what body type you are, you can sport some of the daring to wear jeggings called slashers- Keri Hilson wore them in Chris Browns video..

Check below for examples of the New Fall/Winter Collection. or go to or FB .... They run between $82 - $109 depending on what style you like.
 I have these above, I LOVE THEM... I am such a tie dye person when done right. Denimocracy did it right.. NOTE: Not everyone can pull these off so make sure whatever ones you buy, you buy for your style, body type and what will look good on you.. Just being real.. You will get eyes looking at you, because these jeggings above are daring and bright as well. I always get stared eyes and compliements on these jeggings..

 These are apart of the new Fall Collection.. Red is such a great color to be worn outside of a shirt..
 Pastel colors are available too: I  LOVE these green Jeggings that Rihanna has on.. Fell in love when I saw her wearing them.  Glad I have these too...
 These new Style Jeggings are amazing- Keri Hilson is wearing these sliced ones..

Recommendation: Dont be the last chick to catch on to these Jeggings..


Article VIII is the more upscale brand that has been created. They only focus on high end premium denim- retailing more around the $250 plus- $ 350 plus range..These are one expensive pair of denim and soo worth the price.... What I love about these jeans is that for very tall girls, They have focused on making the lenght of the jean, which most denim brands do not...  Oh and btw Denimocracy is over all the denim brand - washes that you by today- So Article VIII is the mother of all creations for the other jeans you may purchase. So why not by the best of the best in denim.. Go to May I add I picked the looks for the Fall/Winter2011 campaign shoot.

The hottess style now is the boyfriend denim,  I am Queen of always talking about how much I love the boyfriend look. The pairs that Article VIII provide is really just that. The crotch is truely made like a boyfriend jean but fit a womens body perfectly. You will love every pair you buy.

Recommendation: Go to these websites that I included in this blog and shop Denimocracy and Article VIII. GO to the pages on fb and like each page. They are big on offering contest to win a free pair of Denimocracy jeggings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Goodmorning Style .....

Love the outfit and Bag, hate the hair..Rihanna has always been someone who I love to see dress up.. I love all of her clothes. She is very edgey and does not care what people say about her fits.. I love this outfit. Its very cool, relaxing and sophisticated at the same time.. Her bag is to DIE for and I definitely want it to be apart of my purse collection- Givenchy leopard print flap bag - retail @ $ 3415.000.. I WANT I WANT..
 This purse is made soo Beautifully and would look soo Beautiful on me.. I hate her red fire engine hair at this lenght.. It was way cuter when she was rocking a short hair style.. Anyways I love this fit and I love all things Rihanne.. Check out her style game.... CHECK
 Eva Marcille. This chick is doing something right because she has stepped her fashion game up seriously. Her bank account must be stacking up at every minute on the hour  too cause lately seems everything she wears cost over $5000 in shoes and ect... But I am not hating on this chick.. I love her and I think she is sooo Gorgeous.. Yes she was my fav TOPMODEL..
 Right here she is rocking the Louis Vuitton - Alma MM- Amarente color - retail @ $ 2250.00. I love this bag I want it in the Blanc Corail and Bleu Infini colors.. Only thing about this oufit that I do not like is the fact that she wore a crazy turban and I hate the free flowing blazer she wore with it.. Id perfer a more fitted open face blazer and wore it in a white or cream color. She paired this outfit with jeggings and the Versace S/S 2010 COLLECTION heels. See below..
I would rock this shoe.. I would just be worried about falling on my ass.. But see style of your own, you have to take risk.Who cares what people think or what they do not like.. But I love these shoes.. About a 6 inch heel and two inch platform base.. Her sunglasses are dope- They are by Oliver People Balmain.. Super cute..

Til next time.....

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