Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flirty Fringe

Oye boy its been a minute. I have been so busy with life that I havent had a chance to really sit down and blog my ass off.. Finally I am today. So straight to the point- FRINGE, FLIRTY FRINGE.. I am obessed with all things fringe. I have recently bought a couple of shoes, purses, and have in the past made sure to have a skirt or some thread that has fringe on it.. As many of you know. The real hippie inspired looks are coming back like no tomorrow. Your probably more familiar with seeing fringe on cut up screen tees to purses. But now Designers are taking a love to it and going far beyond what you think you see fringe on. Such as booties, high heels, braclets, sweaters, ect. And I AM IN LOVE with it..

Fringe to me has always been a straight to the point way of showing that you are a girly girl. Its fun, flirty, sassy and playful all at the same time. I am a sucker for any boot that has fringe on it, example the boot above.. I just bought some booties that are to DIE FOR that have fringe on them.. I can not wait to wear them for the Fall and Winter seasons. Amazing and freaking in love..

If you are afraid to wear fringe or think you will look CRAZY in them, do not worry or play yourself. You could loose out on an opportunity to amp up your style game and closet up, if you do not step outside the box. I think with me, I am never afraid to wear something people shine away from. If 5 people say they hate something I love, I will buy it and wear it, and bet  those 5 people end up complimenting me when they see the outfit put together.

Recommendation: Do not listen to anyone direct your style and what you should and should not wear. Most of the time those people saying that, im sure their style game is pretty pathetic and needs some amping as well... Haha my BF said he hated the boots I just bought the first time I picked them out. I begged that we go back and the next day when we went back, i tried them on, fixed them to my swag, he FELL IN LOVE with them.. See if I was stupid enough to listen to his hateration, lol I would of lost out on a great pair of fringe booties... SO never let someone direct your style or what you like. DO as you please, wear as you please..

Now I will tell you this, FRINGE can be tricky. Its almost like if you are wearing too much of something.. DO not overload on fringe in one setting.. Pick an item that is fringed out and calm the rest of your outfit down. Make the fringe the part that makes your outfit stand out. I can not stand chicks who go over board on things. If you are wearing a fringe purse, do not wear a fringe cut off screen tee shirt and match it with fringe sandals as well. BIG NO NO...

So go out buy the fringe and stay flirty with it Barbies.. Fringe is here to stay and will be around for a while.. Dont always go for the obvious, try buying things with fringe on it that is normally not on that piece of clothing or shoe. See my fringe purse.. I stayed flirty and girly.. ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a few I want.. Morning Blush

Well its been a long ass time since I have blogged.. My first blog for August- LEOS.. So please spoil me.. My must haves for Fall....

 Valentino " Ruffled Biker Boot "- retailing @ $1395.00 ... Many designers this season are really focusing on the flat boots.. This boot screams girly and not playing with dat ass..
 Nicholas Kirkwood- retailing @ $1075.00 - These booties are to die for. Hahaha my personal consultant took me around nordstorm the otehr day and he showed me these bad boys.. (Love him). These booties are amazing one and not shown in this picture but a strap actual sits on the boot from the heel to the front of the bootie. Making it look very dramatic and fantastic. NOTE: Nicholas Kirkwood collection this season is amazing, Some of his shoes kind of favor Alexander Mcqueen- meaning if you looked at the shoe youd think it was a Mcqueen shoe...
 Chloe wedge - retailing @ $695.00- I love these too and tried them on at the store as well. These are completely to die for. Everyone by now should know that I am a wedge girl. so you know that I fell in love with them. The come in black too but I love the natural. Pair with a cute white dress or go colored dress and your are good to go. Or where shorts long or short... The shoe should be your main statement.
 My mother and I was going crazy in YSL the other day. the colors they choose this fall are gorgeous. I want a clutch in every color.. But this shoe I am obsess with. Many who are not daring my hate this shoe, but this is why I have my own fashion sense.. I do what I do. Anywho this shoe pair it with Dark skinny's white button down or even go for a yellow button down. and take a short lenght longsleeve cargidan, wrap it around your neck to make it look like a scarf. Meaning- one could never tell that the scarf around your neck is actually a cargdian. YSL - "Tribute slingback loafer pump retailing @ $ 995.00
So i just clicked on Barney's NY and saw these bad boys.. I LOVE ME SOME GIUSEPPE.. and I love me some Giuseppe wedges. TO FREAKING DIE FOR..

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