Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dress Me in Me..

So this is really the first post ever of Bfreestyle that I have posted pics of outfits of myself, I usually only post another route .. I have stated that I do not want to make this blog about me. But here is a little sample of how I dress..

 My bday dress- decided to go really girly this year.. So I did.. matched with a long fringe silver and blk necklace and wore blk open toe heels.

 Love this dress- vegas totally.. this dress is very comfy and fits the body to perfection. Wore blk wedges with it..
 My cute moth green jumpsuit- paired it with beige heels and a small clutch- this was summertime so of course I paired it with the oversized feather/beads earrings- NOTE: Big oversized or feather earrings have ran its course.. this is why I say do not be a trend addict, you waist your money and the trend is gone within one season.. If you do, buy in small amounts or one item at that..
This was my bday #1 outfit- I am obsessed as you all know with brightness, so I am definitely noy afraid to wear any type of bright slacks/clothes. I paired it with a stretch cotton blend tank and took a leopard hankerchief and tide it into a bow..

Aww I wrote about these shoes in one of my first blogs- Julian Louie african print wedges.. These shoes are to die for and can add a lot to any outfit ... well depends on what type of outfit you wear... lmao I paird this with a rose colored blazer and a blk high waisted skirt with a white tank

My heart thigh high boots.. these were wore by kourtney kardashian. fell in love with them when I saw them on her. I paired it with one of my fav vest, wore blk leggings and a blk long sleeve cotton blend shirt.. Iheart this vest the texture in it is amazing- looks completely like a rug. lmao keeps you warm- change up from wearing furs... See up close pic for texture of my vest above..

And that's a wrap

I choose not to state the brands that I am wearing, with close, bags, and shoes.. I told you before do not want my blog about me..

Disclaimer: All these pictures are copyright by Maya.


major said...

Well i love how you edited the shots. Still think you should do a monthly recap post of you :)I just got on the big earring feather trend.. I boycotted them for ever bc I knew it was a trend. I found some that are not so"Hey I got feathers and big earrings on" Its all how you pair it.


B Free Style said...

ahh I probably will, thank you i love playing with pics.. add some spice to them.. lmao

yeah some big earrings with feathers can sometimes work, but i hate the big feathered earrings. Medium sized is more suttle, id perfer to have earrings that are not as big as your face, i still stay the trend has ran its course... lmao I hate trends.. but whatever works for the person... xoxo

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