Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stay Ahead of Your Game..

So FB I posted a small clip of my Fav June Ambrose... Shopping for fall shoes.. Yes I know that we are still in Spring but this blog is about staying ahead of the game and since Fall will be coming out in Mid July, It is a good time for me to give you chicks some tips on how to shop, how to find the best selection of the whole season collections, and ect.

Some girls go to mall straight in the dead middle of a season and expect to have a successful shopping experience. They may feel that " Yea im about to come up on all the hottest items out there for the season". But what they fail to realize is that. Fashion for a season is born the season ahead. Sometimes you have to have great knowledge and skills to shop correctly to get what you want. I always shop the season im looking for in the previous season . So for my Fall clothes and shoes, I will shop in Summer.

 Fall example: To find the dopest, hotest boots, you have to know that those particlar boots only come out the season ahead. Waiting til the season comes, you will never find unqiue, or the hottest, boot/shoes. Same things with clothes. Yes of course the basics, of like plain peacoats, t shirts, sweaters, ect, for the fall season will always be there. But the must have, hard to find design/style is only available in the season preview. (Season ahead of that season)... You always have more opportunities to run into sales.. NOTE:  the greatest sales are at the preview and closing of the seasons. Neiman Marcus, Barneys NY, Saks fifth avenue, ect usually have their end of season sales in June and mid July.. Nordstroms, Bloomingdales ect, will start their preview season sale in mid July.. Check out alot of the online boutique too.. I love these...

Recommendation: Go to your favorite Department store or Boutiques and get a personal shopper- yes at no charge.. Catty thing about this- Most of the time a personal shopper will request that you get onto their personal book, if you are spending at a certain amount only.. So if they do,  make them your friend. If they forget to ask you, just ask them yourselves, get their card and get into their personal book. They will call you when something you love goes on sale or when the whole store is going on sale.. or even when an item is coming into the store and you just in the everyday mood to buy something they may think you would love.. SO, you dont have to only use them for a sale. Doing this,  you will have items that you want set aside for you. Your personal shopper will call you for whatever you were looking for, on sale, ect and why not purchase it right over the phone, or have them ship it to you..  

Best stores to have them- Neiman Marcus, Barneys NY, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.. Hahaha NOTE/ JOKE: make sure most of your personal shoppers are men, cause then you know they wont try to save the goodness of stuff for themselves.. unless you have a die hard divo and stunts just as dope as you do.. I personal shop every day that I can, so I miss alot of sales. ha and then when I do find something on sale, I feel I have to have it because, well duh im getting it on sale.. But I always follow my shopping before season theory either way..

 All this I have written about is really nothing , but a smart way to shop. So shop ahead of the season and make retail friends at your favorite stores..


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