Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 Streaming list of trends..

So been out shopping and browsing around the malls lately, Some things I have come upon that are in the trend mix right now.

1) The CAT EYE- Sunglasses have always been a game changer. Through years they have always made them and all types of styles. But the style that I am in love with right now, is the Cat eyed sunglasses.. Especially the more dramatic cat eyed. Make sure when hunting down these bad buddies that you actually try them on to see if the frame style even fits your face. Just because they may be cute on display, does not mean that they will transparent that on your face shape. If you search hard enough you can always find blinged out cat eyed glasses or the basic.

2) Color denim- I talk about this is one of my other blogs, but the more I am out in the malls, the more color I am seeing. I have now witness the green J- brand color jean and they are to die for. I am a green person, because your rarely see people just sport a bright green in their normal day attire. They are plenty of high waisted  mini denim shorts out that are hotness.. Pair with a tank tucked in and you are good to go, with Very high thick heel platforms..

3) The Big Earring- You can almost go into any boutique and find a huge hooped or oversize earring. More of the trend is using the feather look or going with the blingged out gems on a hooped earring. I love the  earrings right now that are colorful, creative and fun.. Big and makes a statement. Really one can wear a simple plain one color oufit from head to toe, pair with a huge stand out earring and you are good to go.

4) The Thick Heel Platform- I talked about this a tiny bit in #2 trend. These shoes are more the inspired 70's look, but some of the shoes made right now are classic and way beyond fun. It is always best to pair with short shorts. Any girl short or tall with give off the look of long legs because of this heel and pairing with mini shorts. Find a fun screen tee tank top or t- shirt and you are good to go.


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