Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look at Dem Girls with Dem Daisy dukes on....

Daisy dukes are back and bolder than ever.. Get them legs right and get your ass into some..

Brands that are doing a great job at making these shorts a comeback- True Religion, Hudson, AG, J Brand, and Runwaydreamz.... 

Summer is here and it is ok to show some skin.. I love daisy duke shorts.. Just as long as the legs arent ashy and fit.. LMAO.. Shorts are now being more distressed, studded, Dyed, acid washed ect and they all look great..  

 These shorts above are very vintage very cute.. Runwaydreamz - Retailing  @ $ 185.00 to 194.00. Match them with a stretchy cotton tank top tucked in or a cut off over size tee shirt- Pair with a high platform thick heel and you are good to go. Super cute shorts..
 J brand is making a killer with these shorts as well. Colors coming in Purple, Teal, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.. Retailing @ $ 159.00. These are super fun and light weight.. You probably will be showing a little booty in these shorts which is not cute, so make sure you get a the right size... YUCK...

Kourtney (Below) has done a good job with pairing some short shorts with a pretty blouse - Rebecca Minkoff and pairing with the newest must have shoe right now- Christian Louboutins. Standing at a 6 inch heel you will definitely be getting stares when you strut around... Stay cute and girly like Kourtney, PLEASE do not take any of these short shorts and make yourself look trashy and gross.. Remember is you are showing this much leg, dont show the twins or a lot of stomach..

DONE !!!


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