Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, December 16, 2011

" Love and Emily B" or " Love and Hip Hop"

Hey Barbies- ahhh its been a long time since my last blog. I apologize to those who've been sending me messages about when is my next post, looking forward to my next post and etc. I have been extremely busy with life, my company (Cha'Ren Consultants) - blog post coming soon for info.. and busy working..

 So I decided to start off my next post with a Fabulous chick who I admire- She was a young mother, single, had a passion and achieve her goal as a celebrity stylist. This is what I am trying to Achieve right now - Styling is my gift and I have the deepest passion for it..

Emily B- the mother of Fabulous.. A star of my favorite reality show- "Love and Hip Hop".

Emily B definitely has some major style, what I love about her is that unlike other celebrity stylist- she does not always necessarily go for the major brand name fashion threads all the time, as other stylist only stay in the designer wear and people who look up to them, struggle at making their wardrobe up to par. This makes Emily B a consumer friendly stylist and more relate-able in the since of people who can not afford the major designers all the time. She is someone to look up to and know that hey I can dress and buy just some of her cute fits she wears as well.

But do not get her wrong...  Her show game is amazing.. LOUBOUTINS GALORE- Below is a spread she did for PYNK MAGAZINE.. They decided to focus on her Louboutin collection- and believe me the ish is fierce.. Not only is Emily B a beautiful woman, she has a beautiful collection of shoes.. Iheartfabulousshoesimprobablyashoewhorenowdontjudgeme....

 Emily B has been styling looks of many celebrities for a years and although she has made Fabulous look on point along with many other celebrities, she is dope at styling herself as well. Even the fits she wears on the show are so freaking cute, and I want everything she wears... XOXO


 I look up to her because she is an independent chick who has a name for herself outside of her man. Even being with him she had her name and is able to hold it down by herself. not to mention the apartment she just bought screams fabulous, she is an all around chick from what I see on TV. She not a " I need a man to make me somebody, or buy my expensive wardrobe or shoes to validate my existence in life as a somebody".. I respect women who are like this because I am that myself.. Let a man compliement you and you compliment him, and him not make you.. Bring something to the table instead of just a cute face and sometimes nice body.. This is a huge pet peeve of mine..

Emily B is actually in the mist of creating her own Fashion Line- Called "Emily B". I truly can not wait until her clothing line comes out, she will probably be the next designer I buy up..

 Here are a few candid shots of Emily B- note: I love her dress below, I just bought it.. getting ready for Miami of course duh !!!! LMAO ..

Love it luvergirl..

Disclaimer: All photos that are included in this blog do not belong to Bfreestyle, simply borrowed from the internet..


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