Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cha' Ren Consultants

Hey Ken's and Barbies-

I just started my own consulting and closet organization company- its only been a few months and it has already been doing really good. It is called Cha'Ren Consultants. Cha'Ren Consultants specializes is many genres of sevices- mostly in the styling and organizations of closets- whether it is wardrobe or shoes and going as far as including organization of accessories, hats, scarves, etc.. We can and will make your closet look like a fashionista/ fashionisto cloest and wardrobe be something to die for.


The Consulting part of it, is the side of styling you for parties, events, wedding consulting, bday parties, babyshowers, bridal showers, and of course the everyday wear.

The Styling part of it, is the side where we come and organize your closet- if your needs are for a consultant to come by and take out the things that need to go, revamp your closet with better choices of clothing and what to buy and not to buy. Rebulid the look of you closet, by adding interior design pieces to it, what to get rid of and what to keep. It all can be done. We cater to every need of our customer and what they mostly desire.

Please email us for more information and Fees at

NOTE: Cha'ren Consultants is in talks of holding small seminars and events which will give a little taste of what we offer. Maya's styling blog post comes to life.. Also, we are in talks with doing our first colaboration with "The Stylistic Approach". check them out at . You can find great accessories for your wardrobe and things that are not found in many stores. Stay tuned and when we start, its in great hopes that you all support us.

Disclaimer- The pictures use in this blog are not owned by bfreestyle, simply borrowed from public use internet..:)


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