Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pajama's really... Oh yeah

So Pajamas slacks are in.. the newest trend to hit the fashion game. At first I was not on them and thought it was somewhat ridiculous to where pajamas out in public. But these slacks really aren't pajama looking. I think they just gave them that name due to how comfortable they are.. I actually saw a pair that I fell in love with. They are more high waisted and tailored to the butt and hips, so your shape looks crazy sexy in them.

Winter Kate ( Nicole Richie) has the best ones out I have seen so far. They are such a cute fabric and fit soo well. These pants are such a good choice for the Spring and Summer seasons, so I do not know why they debut them for the Fall Collection. The fabric is very cool and relaxing.  Retailing @ $285. See below

This pajama trend is not something I suggest buying the mess out of, but having one pair for fun occasions is ok by me.. I don't know how other designers pants fit or look, so I cant really tell if all pajama slacks are a must buy, or I just picked up the best pair they have to offer due to them being high waisted and tailored soo well.. Who knows but I def will give the approval stamp for those who can pull these pants off,  to go ahead and snatch a pair up. I wanted them so I could switch up the jean/ jeggings game on a casual day with my fam and/or friends...

Wearing this outfit to go shopping in and going for lunch. I got crazy compliments while out and about...


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Intro to October shoegasim... Yummm....

Hi my name is Maya and I am a shoe luver.. LUVER GIRL...

Stunners- Jimmy Choo retailing @ $ 1495.00. TO DIE FOR

Recommendation: FIRST off I am totally in love with these shoes.. I have always been a huge fan of Jimmy Choo. These bad boys make a statement in its own, so I would pair them with a basic color... For date, I would do a LBD wrapped dress. For daytime affairs with your girls. Id pair with simple denim shorts with a basic white tee and a black blazer..

 In Love - Alexander McQueen booties.. stunning color.. perfect for fall and winter.. Retailing @ $ 1225.00

Recommendation: Id pair these booties with a cigarette jean. jeans cuffed slightly at bottom to show a contrast in color, Id try a pattern top with this. Pprobably the new fun trend to mix in is the polka dot button downs.. Or a striped sweater. Don't worry if the striped sweater is completely odd colors, like grey and orange, or grey and navy blue.. you can color block a little with this. it will all flow in with each other trust.

Screams Maya- Christian Louboutins leopard loafers - retailing @ $ 1295.00.

Recommendation: Match with pencil slacks- colors that go with leopard that you normally don't see people sport, but I would. Is green slacks, navy/grey blue slacks, yellow slack, orange slacks. But for fall I would wear green, navy , or that rich plum purple. Id match with a button down denim shirt or keep it simple with a solid white. sleeves rolled up of course.

Love- Givenchy cage booties- Rihanna was sporting the brown ones... matched it with a yellow button down.. retailing @ $ 1550.00

Recommendation: wear then naked, hell.. LMAO LMAO these shoes are fierce... lol.. jk jk jk only behind closed doors. but really Id pair these with cargos and a flow cute cut off tank.. leave the shoe as the main attraction. leaving your outfit fun, flirty and fierce all at same time.

Home deco and art of my world...

 So you all know that I am a huge fan of Fashion and Color, But I am also a huge fan of making my living space a living art. I am soo obsessed with Home deco and soo attracted to the colors and unique-ness of furniture and the architectural of it.. I have been in the process of getting together all my ideas of my custom made furniture. To my couches, my chairs, my head board of my bed, ect.. I am truly obsessed with Deco.. Because I usually combined the two- fashion and home deco- the best way to show my appreciation is to bring in what makes me the happiest and what I have the most passion and drive for.. The history of my favorite designers.. I feel that a true fashion lover should always surround herself in her home with fashion books. Making them the deco of your home.. I am in love...

Monday, September 26, 2011

YSL - Jumpsuit

I love it- do you.

I want in both blk and white, of course the model does not do it justice, but Rihanna is wearing the damn thang... Thats why I love that girl.. She can wear anything and stay on point...


So My favorite season is here and I am obsessed with it.. I am ready for all my trips I will be taking on the east coast.. Chicago and New York.. YAY !!! Lets gettum.. FYI: My big sis just texted me over the past weekend telling me that I have to come to Chicago because it is very under-rated for how on point the fashion game is. I always knew that besides Cali ( San Fran) and NY.. Dallas and Chicago are true fashion worlds.. So I will def be making my way to Chi town.. :)..

In love with these Louboutin python knee high boot.. retailing @ 2495.00..
NOTE: Anything Python can not be shipped into the state of California- due to the green law... Dammit.. So this was why I was upset about these YSL Pythons I wanted... Time to travel I guess..

Dior - Quilted leather over the knee biker boot- retailing @ 1450.00
NOTE: See the texture can make a ordinary boot stand out and be something you can never find again in the stores...

Anyways so as I browse through the malls. I have come up on some beautifully made textured boots and shoes. I have found that this season there is no bars hold on the texture materials that are being use to make a statement. Even the architecture of a shoe is being more pronounce but made to be a very wearable shoe. I am just super excited because I love boots so when I find a boot that has texture and character, its a must have of mine. Nicholas kirkwood is still doing a fab job at making shoes textured and with alot of architectural feel to his shoes.. AMAZING ...
See.. Love them..
Some of the amazing boots that I have found that are textured are from Valentino, B Brian Atwood, Nicholas Kirkwood (All above pics), Christian Louboutin.
Drooling over these.. Guess what designer they are.. ???


Friday, September 16, 2011

Luver Girl..

Quick blog that I decided to put up. LUVER GIRL, is someone that every woman wants to be. Definition- luver girl = someone who has emaculate threads and shoes. Style game is always put together and is different. Not all girls can put on a shoe or outfit and make a huge statement. Luver girl is someone that men love to love, and women love to hate just cause of their style. Some of these chicks I posted on this blog, most girls dont love to hate, but prob would love to rock the shoes, or threads..
NOTE: Loving Angela simmons style game and want these yellow stunners she is wearing, plus her cardigan.

 To die for YSL Jumpsuit- Rihanna is wearing. Of course Rihanna can pull this jumpsuit off,  and so can I .. A size 2/ 4 please.. thank you
 Kelly Rowland has really changed up her style game, that means she just got a new stylist... I love everything she is wearing on the red carpet so far. Her shoe game is def on point. Love love Kelly Rowland
 HOTNESS !!!!!!! Kelly..
 Solange is really into the retro old 70's style.... But I love the fit below. She is the only girl I know that is really using the hell out of bright ass colors and I am loving that.. She does such a good job expressing her personality through the threads she wears.. She is very daring sometimes but I applaud her for finding her own style and being able to pull it off soo well.. I get inspired by some of her outfits..

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