Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, September 16, 2011

Luver Girl..

Quick blog that I decided to put up. LUVER GIRL, is someone that every woman wants to be. Definition- luver girl = someone who has emaculate threads and shoes. Style game is always put together and is different. Not all girls can put on a shoe or outfit and make a huge statement. Luver girl is someone that men love to love, and women love to hate just cause of their style. Some of these chicks I posted on this blog, most girls dont love to hate, but prob would love to rock the shoes, or threads..
NOTE: Loving Angela simmons style game and want these yellow stunners she is wearing, plus her cardigan.

 To die for YSL Jumpsuit- Rihanna is wearing. Of course Rihanna can pull this jumpsuit off,  and so can I .. A size 2/ 4 please.. thank you
 Kelly Rowland has really changed up her style game, that means she just got a new stylist... I love everything she is wearing on the red carpet so far. Her shoe game is def on point. Love love Kelly Rowland
 HOTNESS !!!!!!! Kelly..
 Solange is really into the retro old 70's style.... But I love the fit below. She is the only girl I know that is really using the hell out of bright ass colors and I am loving that.. She does such a good job expressing her personality through the threads she wears.. She is very daring sometimes but I applaud her for finding her own style and being able to pull it off soo well.. I get inspired by some of her outfits..


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