Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Closet Madness - Tips 4 dat Ass..

Have you ever heard of the phrase : When your life is cluttered and all over the place, it is reflected in your home.. Well that terms is exactly the truth.A while back along with all my ideas that I have, I wanted to start a company that catered to just getting paid to organize peoples closets. Of course this idea came when the recession was bad, and me being a business women realize that cash revenue wise.. I would not get any where financially because the average person was either struggling with finances or could not get a job because of our recession at that time.

GIRLS - Pet peeve I hate - when a girls closet is completely messy, all your clothes are just bunch together and can not breathe.. Dammit dont you know your clothes have feelings too and they live a life of appreciation and fabulous-ness and ect and need to be treated with respect.. Let your clothes breathe.. I can not stand that...

I am a huge fan of beautiful closets and being very organized within them. " I have a dream that one day....My closet will just happen to look like the Prada clothing section on Rodeo Drive..., I have a dream that one day.... My closet will be an inspired Chanel maddess of love... I have a dream.."  LMAO

Mariah Carey closet- FABULOUS BITCH..SOOOOOOOOO jealous.. lol
4 Tips Ken and Barbie should know and DO ALWAYS

1) Always color coordinate your clothes within your closet. - I live by this rule. When I go out, I choose a color and go straight to that section. It saves me alot of time on trying to hunt for things.

2) Separate your jeans from your normal clothes- if you can and have an extra closet to do so. Its all about organization and being able to know what you have, how many you have and where to find it. It you dont have a second closet to put all your jeans, then please please fold them like you would see in Levi or True religion stores.. And neatly put them on a rack or in your dresser drawers.

3) Barbies- Please Please fold your undies and align them neatly in your drawer- as well as your bras.. I hate to go to a friends house and see a bunch of tangled undies and bras all over the place.. THIS RULE should apply to all chicks.. stay on point with your underwear drawers.

4) Shoes- Ugh please tell me you either keep your shoes in the boxes aligned neatly in your closet. or have them racked up. Please dont tell me that you just have a pile of shoes on the floor in your closet... YUCK I hate that mess.. How can you find both pair os shoes if your closet floor is a tornado.....See below.. Yes all fabuous shoes but what the Hell.. Get organized...

Kens - you should always be on point with your closet too. Never be sloppy .. shows that your sloppy in other places in your life as well. Barbies- please if your closet is not on point. go on ahead this weekend and change it up. and if you do not have the space for it you can still organize to some extent.. Stay Fabulous..... ;)


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