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Love of Colour

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Love and all that in Between

  Summer is back- Ladies get your tracks in line, your high perky ponytails afloat, your high top buns on lock and the gorgeous curled locks laid and ready for the hottest season of the year.

NOTE TO THE HOTTEST TREND OF THE SEASON: One cannot be on lock with the hair, but not be on point with the wardrobe. This season should be your wear less but stay classy attire. This means- wear threads that compliment your frame without having to have your lady parts out for the world to see. This pertains to your everyday outfits as well as your club outfits. I have been taken aback by how women of our generation are dressing. I could have sworn underwear was meant for under your attire, but I have found that women are wearing their underwear as their outfits, for example Bras. Ladies since when was this appropriate or sexy to wear. Yes you get attention but definitely for the wrong reasons from men. Wearing a high waist skirt- or the same ole American Apparel high waist tights with a bra is tacky and unacceptable. You look classless and just a lazy dresser. Yes, you may find celebs that wear this mess, but REMEMBER- about 90% of the time, celebs wear these clothes as costumes. For those of you who are oh so inspired by some of these costumes- you look straight stupid in that outfit as your everyday wear or going to club. CHANGE IT UP AND COME CORRECT.  

For summer you can always wear fewer clothes but stay classy and subdued.  There are always going to be must have basics and trends that a women should had or restock up on. Try something different and go back to buying basic denim shorts that are not high waist. REMEMBER: High waist anything is a recreation from the 70’s era. So with that said, it is a trend. Yes, even though this trend has been in effect for a couple of years now, you do not want to overdo it. I have seen this big trend of high waist denim cutoff shorts and a bandeau top, or corset top. Don’t get me wrong, the look is very cute and although you can pair that outfit with a light weight silk Kimono cardigan, or a pattern silk cover over. Realize that this is only a trend, it will soon fade and all the money you spent on buying these items will be gone and a waste of money.   Here are items you should definitely be interested in for this summer.


• Hippie headbands
Hipster swag- this trend is fun but you can wear for years to come
• Plaid- Yes this pattern will be hot for summer and definitely for my favorite season, which is Fall. Stick to bright plaid in the summer- Plaids which incorporated yellows, greens, blues and reds. Buy items such as heels like the Louboutins or (Inspired louboutin heels) or shirts, and your head wraps (Turbans).
• Color pallets- Take advantage of bright colors and wear them a lot. Stay away from dark, warm colors- there will be a time to wear them and Summer is definitely not the time
• High top buns
• Manicure nails, DYI nail designs and/or nail stickers- These are very popular right now
• High waist shorts- Remember: Only buy one or two pair, don’t go overboard. You’ll regret it
• Funky cut off screen tees- Sleeve less or mid drifts.
• Sheer maxi skirts- This is a very prissy trend that will last for years, because it is essentially still a maxi skirt.
• Cute floral printed dresses- I approve of these instead of floral or printed denim, because dresses will always be in style not matter what style they are or length
• 1950’s inspired swimwear- love this especially the one piece.
• Hand piece jewelry- I am such a fan
• Tribal patterns/ Aztec patterns
• Nike Air Max- Try these for your new gym wear, or a cute skinny and tank.

• Loose fitting pants- Slacks or denim that is distressed and cuff at the bottom
• Louboutin inspired studded smoker loafers – Steve Madden, Dolce Vita and Jeffery Campbell have some very cute knock offs
• Sparkled Moccasins- Please wear on a cool day in summer, which in Cali we have often.
• Sheer solid or patterned blouses- These are the best and you can def pair them with short shorts or a denim- Note: Please do not go bra less- NOT CUTE
• American flag inspired screen tees
• Uniquely tailored cut shorts- Example, The designer “Chloe” does such an amazing job at creating these shorts. Very girly and very prissy.
• Thin material tailored slacks- These are found at Zara (On sale), Designer Elizabeth and James makes’ them, as well as a whole slew of designers and clothing stores. Try to stick with bright colors if you can.
• Silk patterned shorts with a camisole silk tank
• Wedges -of course
• Accessories - Arm candy has always been a hit but do not go overboard with it.
• Isabel Marant inspired hidden wedge sneakers- Steve Madden has a great knock off. (Actual Isabel Marant Sneakers seen below)

• Colorful/patterned clutches- try over sized this season
• Lucite heels- Of course these will be the go to shoe for the season and has for Spring- Note, make sure whatever Lucite heel you get, is not a cheap shoe. This would be a disaster to wear them on a hot day.
• Loose fitting maxi dresses
• Wrapped dresses
• Fringe- yes yes yes, please do buy it
• Bright/colorful heels- stay away from white heels; this is the tackiest thing ever.
• Head wear- whether its head jewelry, head bands or my favorite-
• Turbans- June Ambrose is the queen of turbans- adds such a cute, flirty look to you and your outfit.

Here are items that you definitely should stay away from

• Again- Bras to the club with high waist skirts
• Leather pants in summer- Kim Kardashian has done this so much. Talk about recycling
• Thigh high boots with shorts- WTF…

• Shorts with pattern stockings unless for a special themed event/party
• Don’t buy too any patterns denim- This was completely nothing more of a short trend.
• Get away from the over sized earrings and feathers
• Patterned/Design tights with a flowy T shirt- such a lazy trend
• Don’t wear sneakers with leather pants
• Don’t wear mid drifts if your stomach is not tight and toned.
• Kill the heavy makeup- it is too hot to have eighty layers of make up on.
• “Basketball Wives” inspired paparazzi style earrings.      

Quick Tips:

1) This season try something new- Google African designers and pull colors or pattern inspirations from them. African designers are so under rated and so not talked about in the fashion world. They offer so much to the consumer and fashion as a whole.

2) If you are not impressed by cut off short, go ahead and take your old jeans and cute them to your satisfaction

3) If you do not want to buy an envelope clutch or pouch- go buy fabric with whatever design or color and make your own. MOTTO: Why make someone else RICH; when you can do it your self- it is very easy. Basic 101 knowledge of sewing to say the least.

4) If you can find a turban style pattern that you like, again go to garment district and make your own.

5) Even though we are in summer, this is a good tip for fall. As I have stated before, buy your fall items in the Summer time. Best time is in July. BUY NOW WEAR NEXT SEASON ;)

This season is definitely the time to try out new styles, in return this will change up your style . Shop smart, Shop colors, and Shop now.

Till Fall
Fashion Mimi.. or just MyMy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Instagram - Bfreestyle

Hi kens and barbies. First off I would like to apologize for not posting any fashion. I have been sooo busy with my day job, building up more clientele for Cha'Ren Consultants and dabbing in more business adventures that will most likely be beneficial for my followers, etc... But I plan on sitting down an taking out a huge chunk of time to catch up on things I've been doing, great fashion trends, and must haves.. And I'll soon be writing about my fav season coming up in a couple of months. It's always the best time to shop in July, as all stores are prepping for the fall season... I'm over summer and it has not even begun yet, but it's just because I'm obsessed with Spring and Fall.... So please stay tuned. In the meantime I finally linked up with Instagram and I'm having a lot of fun posting fashion, things I buy for clients, etc.... So please find Bfreestyle on Instagram and asked to follow me.. You won't be disappointed... Tell your friends... Til we meet again, which is very soon. Fashion Mimi

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fringy Baby- My fave trend if i had one....

So i get this text from THE STYLISTIC APPROACH, all I see is this pretty mint fringe clutch, and I automatically buy... This purse is to die for and so much fun. I am never the one to fall right into instant gratification with anything. But this was my first fall..

Go to and buy yours now - Boho fringe clutch bag- oversized mint green leather from Internoscio.. They come in many different bright colors as well as your neutral colors, gold, silver, etc.. I must say if I did not already have a red and royal blue clutch, id buy those up too in this style purse.

The stylistic approach is the housing for all unique designers, they're prices are very reasonable. If you like please visit and buy yours. Retail- $89.00, The stylistic approach = $ 78.00...

NOTE: When viewing you will only be exposed to this purse in Blk. Write and email to the stylistic approach(contact info located on website) if you have a desired color and it will be shipped right to you..


Monday, May 14, 2012

Its all about the Shoes...

Spring Fun
Ok guys so finally I was able to take sometime and take a few pics of an outfit. I am going to recruit models that will be willing for me to style so I do not have to take them myself. I AM a lot of things but not a MODEL.. At least I think I'm not, I hear different all the time. And I am also going to link up with a photographer...
 Any who: I believe that a shoe can be the main statement of your outfit. I am completely obsessed with shoes and LOVE to buy unique ones.. For SPRING and SUMMER, go with bright colored, uniquely designed shoes. I personally fell so in love with these shoes when I saw them, and have not worm them yet beside this little shoot I did.

Recommendation and tip: I was always raised on never to buy anything you cant take back. Meaning never to buy from cheap stores, and never to buy cheap shoes. I learned this great tip from my mother and the women in my family. Even though I have bought from stores you cant take things back at- well when I was Young and wanted a quick fix... But I NEVER made those stores my life or wardrobe. Yes I  believe that you do not have to go out and buy that $200 dollar blouse to look FASHIONABLE, BUT you can def tell the difference in quality. And quality you can never hide...

So I say the same thing for Shoes.. remember when I use to say, buy quality not quantity... It doesn't matter if you have 100 pairs of shoes, if they are cheap, chance are those 100 pair will become 50 in months time, simply because they fall apart. or the heel brakes. So I believe that its nothing like have a shoe closet full of quality shoes..

Any who- I apologize for my photos being so blurry, but I actually do not mind, considering I hate taking pictures..

 Dress-Bebe T shirt, Denim Vest-Jcrew, Shoes: Atwood , Bracelet: Jcrew, Earrings: Bebe

All photos: Copyright/ owed by Fashion MiMi

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 my kens and barbies...

Hi guys, I am soo sorry. its been a minute since I have been able to sit down and really take to my blog. I have been extremely busy these past months and I have not been able to have the energy to sit down and do what I love to do- talk about Fashion..

I promise I will sit down this weekend and do some blogging and schedule some time to do photo shoots..

Besides working, dealing with my companies, I just agreed to do weekly (OMG my rest) style tips for the magazine I currently write the women's column for. Which is LA raw Magazine. Ill be sure to give you guys the link to support me and my friends at LA raw.. But until I return, please check out my latest spread for the mag.. Its just in time for Spring end and Summer to begin in a couple of months..

I will be sure to get back soon to give the lastest on fashion and what has definitely been catching my eye this season..

I also would like to say thank you for my followers. Knowing that I have not posted in a while (A MONTH), I check out my page views and see that they are still hitting high each day.. which makes me smile.. Please lets others know about my blog and follow me.. I also was just asked by a community site to share my fashion picks, they have been personally emailing me for a while now, and today I just had a little time to sign up. I will be sure to send you my page info for you guys to go on a buy my looks that I pick out...

Love to love ya the support...

Toodles.... :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dashing Maxi

Wow its been a while since I have last did a post. SORRY !!!.. So I have been a busy body for the past couple of weeks. But I have been able to take time out for myself and do some of the things I love to do. I had also made time to get to the mall and find some new threads. One thing that has caught my eye thus far for the Spring/Summer seasons is the beautiful textures, silk, or satin flowy maxi skirts... I was able to find a beautiful rose satin high waisted maxi skirt this weekend and best believe it is to DIE for. I shall wear on my next adventure of wine tasting with friends in Malibu or Sonoma..

 Maxi skirts are on the most comfortable threads you can find. they automatically elongate one's frame. Making you look very prissy, girly and fun at the same time. There are so many types of maxi skirts out there.

RECOMMENDATION: Try to stay away from the tight fitted to the feet maxi skirts. or the maxi skirts that allow you to not have a shape. Your maxi skirts should be tight fitted at you waist and flow out.. They should be long enough that you can wear heels and the skirt still covers your shoe. The only skirt that is tight fitted but more of a pencil inspired maxi skirt- is the one I have posted below- this skirt is from Please wear this when yo are going to an event.. Not to the store or mall. Most flowy maxi skirts look better with a tight fitted top, but you can opt to have a looser fitting blouse, as this will add more elegance and dressy inspired wear...

Maxi skirts should apart of every women's closet. Try to focus on getting colors that stand out, such as below.. printed maxi skirts are fun, but depending on the material and the print, t could be mistaken for a long term wear for seasons and years to come, but really just a trend for that one season you are in. If you buy a lot of these skirts, stick to solid colors...

Til we meet again !!!

Toodles- Fashion Mimi

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women- Create your mans look; Men- re- invent your look...

                                            Designer does not mean you are the shit, so do not stress on having to buy them..

You do not have to wear designer to make a statement or be classified as your game being super on point. But men you must match and use your color palette to the fullest. Try new things, and different textures to compliment your outfit.  Invest just like women do in major important pieces, like a nice trench coat- shown above. Burberry is the best at doing trench coats or military inspired coats. Invest in watches and nice pairs of shoes.. Shoes make the biggest statement so you better have a great shoe game.

Your jeans should sit on your bottom perfectly and not be too wide leg. The color of denim makes and breaks an outfit. Going lighter makes it look messy and not put together. Going darker makes your outfit look sharper and more posed. Take the deep v necks out of your closet and change them up for more round neck.

Try navy blue and black with dark denim. then change it up with a cream shirt...
Gucci is probably the most go to designer that men wear, But try other designers like Louis Vuitton, YSL, Louboutin shoes instead. To me, Gucci is so predictable. Try Bally's, or Tom Ford.

Women- Pick out some accessories for your man, Man pick out some statement pieces yourself. Trust me you will get noticed.

Men- like I state to women, please use color in your waredrobe, if you are dark complexion- venture into the brighter colors. Like purples, greens, yellows, reds, blues.. etc.. Do not go designered out and wear five designers in one outfit, nor do you want to go 5 pieces from one designer. That is a huge NO NO.. If you do- try to stay away from the monogram pieces- meaning the pieces that have the designer logo or name splattered all over the item. Stick with straight leg denim instead of wide leg and do not go too skinny on the skinny jeans..  Stick to the basic design from a designer with nothing but a small logo to trademark the item. STAY away from MONOGRAM...

For example- take these YSL shoes below... one would never know who they were made buy unless you are a fashionista/nisto or checked the small tag placed on the back of the shoes- take these shoes and NOW you can match them with a gucci belt or a Fendi belt. Get where im going with this????

                                          These YSL for mens spring collection are amazing. and I am a huge Fendi lover...
Brown and maroon are wonderful together. match this with dark denim and a navy blue shirt.

To Be Continued - IN THE MEANTIME Start shopping

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fine Men Crushes with great style

                                                                       Style Swag !!! but does not scratch the surface.


                                                                                        And CUT !!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Style ICON of the WEEK!!!

Solange is a complete style Icon.. This spread is stunning.. This girl has come into her own- and to me has the best style out of her and her sister... Beyonce take notes...

Disclaimer: All photos from

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mr. West is in the building- FINALLY

Koodles to Kanye- His last collection was a hot mess, this fall/winter collection he stepped his game up, and to me did a great job. Now that his shoes are running $5800, im sure Giuseppe gets most of that percentage of each sale. But his ready to wear collection deserves a HIGH FIVE.. this dude really thinks outside the box and is making that doe.. Smart man right there..

This bag is to die for- I def want it

Great Collection Kanye- you stepped your game up and did your homework- A plus for you

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