Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fringy Baby- My fave trend if i had one....

So i get this text from THE STYLISTIC APPROACH, all I see is this pretty mint fringe clutch, and I automatically buy... This purse is to die for and so much fun. I am never the one to fall right into instant gratification with anything. But this was my first fall..

Go to and buy yours now - Boho fringe clutch bag- oversized mint green leather from Internoscio.. They come in many different bright colors as well as your neutral colors, gold, silver, etc.. I must say if I did not already have a red and royal blue clutch, id buy those up too in this style purse.

The stylistic approach is the housing for all unique designers, they're prices are very reasonable. If you like please visit and buy yours. Retail- $89.00, The stylistic approach = $ 78.00...

NOTE: When viewing you will only be exposed to this purse in Blk. Write and email to the stylistic approach(contact info located on website) if you have a desired color and it will be shipped right to you..



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