Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, May 14, 2012

Its all about the Shoes...

Spring Fun
Ok guys so finally I was able to take sometime and take a few pics of an outfit. I am going to recruit models that will be willing for me to style so I do not have to take them myself. I AM a lot of things but not a MODEL.. At least I think I'm not, I hear different all the time. And I am also going to link up with a photographer...
 Any who: I believe that a shoe can be the main statement of your outfit. I am completely obsessed with shoes and LOVE to buy unique ones.. For SPRING and SUMMER, go with bright colored, uniquely designed shoes. I personally fell so in love with these shoes when I saw them, and have not worm them yet beside this little shoot I did.

Recommendation and tip: I was always raised on never to buy anything you cant take back. Meaning never to buy from cheap stores, and never to buy cheap shoes. I learned this great tip from my mother and the women in my family. Even though I have bought from stores you cant take things back at- well when I was Young and wanted a quick fix... But I NEVER made those stores my life or wardrobe. Yes I  believe that you do not have to go out and buy that $200 dollar blouse to look FASHIONABLE, BUT you can def tell the difference in quality. And quality you can never hide...

So I say the same thing for Shoes.. remember when I use to say, buy quality not quantity... It doesn't matter if you have 100 pairs of shoes, if they are cheap, chance are those 100 pair will become 50 in months time, simply because they fall apart. or the heel brakes. So I believe that its nothing like have a shoe closet full of quality shoes..

Any who- I apologize for my photos being so blurry, but I actually do not mind, considering I hate taking pictures..

 Dress-Bebe T shirt, Denim Vest-Jcrew, Shoes: Atwood , Bracelet: Jcrew, Earrings: Bebe

All photos: Copyright/ owed by Fashion MiMi


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