Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bend it like Beckham- or Stunt it like Beckham, Victoria is FABULOUS..

So I have always been a non fan of the spice girls, But always a fan of Victoria, I think this woman is all things Glamourous and Fabulous.. She screams Classy and Elegant.. All this talk about the damn royalty wedding and what Kate Middleton wore- (Alexander Mcqueen), may I add.. Mcqueen toned down the couture-ness of their designs to fit Kate's plain and simple, classy style.

Dont be offended but there is a reason why Victoria Beckham is being streamlined as we speak on the web. This Chick is amazingly Dressed. The dress she wore was from her Spring 2011 collection. Its very simple, sheek, and free flowing. She topped it off with a small petite hat that not many people could wear. But she ran the mess out of this outfit.. I love V-Beckham and David Beckham looked fine a usual... See pictures below:

 Victoria has always been such a style Icon to me. She can wear anything and it looks amazing on her. From dress to impress to umm let me stunt in a dogders uniform, with V- Beckham white skinny jeans and 5 inch wedges tennis shoes. She is who I love to look at, I will be walking around with all my boys (Future thought), Looking fabulous in 5 inch heels, being the princess of my family..

She is soo fierce that she in one of the few Pop Stars/ Entertainers to cross over into a successful high end designer. Check out She has an array of clothing, handbags and accessories. But hold your breathe, most of the items in her collection range between $1200- $3500- dresses alone. Her hangbags are around the same. Her accessories (Sunglasses- $ 425- $600 a pop). Even her jean line- they will set you back anywhere between $ 200- $450 a pair. But you have got to love this chick and her style and collection. I am soo for it and would love to dress my closet into alot of the Victoria Beckham threads.  

 Who walks in the airport- with a mid-calfed skirt, heels and hermes bag, Knowing she is traveling afar-
-- Umm Victoria Beckham does.. hahah LOVE HER..

Love this outfit below: She is wearing Victoria Beckham Jeans, Balmain Blazer ( Love all things Balmain) and one of many Hermes bags that her lovely husband gifts her with every year. JEALOUS...
 This is why I love to dress. I am very versatile in the things I wear. I love being a women and dressing in all types of clothes. I love the long high waisted skirts that are mid calfed, topping it off with a beautiful silk blouse of some sort, or pairing the blouse with wide leg trousers. I think when a women dresses in this sort- shows a confidence and status that is not normally presented in the every day woman.
 I believe that when Fall/ Winter comes, one should go out and buy pricey jackets/ coats/ and blazers. I love this jacket she has on. It was made so well. Tailoring is a big thing and you should always belive in tailoring your blazers/ some coats, ect. when you purchase them.

NOTE: Whenever you tailor something, that piece is never the same. It becomes your style. Your own design, made for your own body type. This could also be a quick outlet to never seeing someone wearing the same exact threads as you. Because ultimately that style of the Blazer/ Coat or whatever, will conture and look different on you.. With tailoring you have a chance to put your own flair and creativity to it.

Take NOTES - This is how a women of class should dress and carry herself...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paying Respect to Casual Style I LOVE and STUNT....

Some of the best casual looks, and I think it is because these are the threads that I either wear, already in my closet or would go out and buy. I have soo many types of style fits that I love and dress everyday in.. My problem now is I barely get to wear most of my stuff in my closet, because I barely go anywhere..:(  lmao.. But these fits are some example of threads I talk about in my other Blogs..

Even if you are only going to lunch with your fam, your mate, your friends, take that time to dress up and wear heels. If it is the daytime, dress up in a casual way-  if it is night time, really dress your ass off. The beauty of being a women is that we can and have the rights to dress like BARBIE dolls any damn time of the day.. Just as long as you are not going overboard, you should be good.

But I just had to pay my respects to outfits I wear and love for my everyday looks... Every outfit you see below is apart of my style game.. Dont bite tothe tea, if the looks are not you, do it in a way that will fit your style..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long shirts, Mini Skirts...

Long shirts, Mini skirts are the top trend of the seasons. Mini skirts can have the reputation of being skimmpy and whorish, But if worn in a classy, sexy way- they are not. When dining with my Fabulous Dolls, or going out for some quite loungy fun- I will def turn to a mini skirt and a long sleeve blouse, or a mini skirt with a cargidan sweater to compliment my style as being more laid back but sexy at the same time.
Mini skirts are here to stay, so you might as well go out and buy them. Herve Leger has many bandage type skirts to choose from, but they will run you about $ 500- $600 a pop. For more of a reasonable dollar amount- Bebe has great styles as well as little boutiques around the city.

So my favoriate color this season and last year season is the highlighter yellow.. I love this color soo much. and the highlighter green. I actually bought a highlighter yellow bandage mini skirt to wear to miami sometime. I would pair it with a light washed denim material button down shirt. and wear a stunner shoe like Natural open toe high heel.. Since a mini skirt should only be worn in spring or summer- try to stay away from a closed toe shoe.
NOTE: Picture example to be posted on FB and my Blog as well.

So I love this outfit that Khloe put together. I have always been a huge fan of mini leather skirts- the classy and more expensive leather material ones, I should say. This outfit is very sexy and simple. I am a huge fan of leopard so you know that I am in love with her Christian louboutin heels.

Our society today - Women believe that they are more sexy and appealing to a guys eye, by wearing less and showing more skin- Its shows a confidence issue and that your self esteem is beyond below average, BUT what most women do not realize is that showing little skin - can make you look like you are more of a confident women and classier than the average chick out there that feels she needs to show her boobs, legs and ect to be sexy. That attracts the wrong  type of dudes. This outfit that Khloe is wearing makes me look at her and think she is a BOSS BITCH in this picture.

Recommendation / Comment: 
 Although this blog is about mini "Condom" Skirts- I believe that the mid-calf fitted skirts are definitely a cute match with a long sleeve blouse.This may be the time that is appropiate to wear a high waisted belt.. Never the less-  This skirt shows your curves, and is tight form fitting but keeps you in the classy category. "Aqua " has a mid calf lenght skirt retailing @ $ 68 .

Dont worry - If you are too scared to wear this type of lenght skirt. MyMy to the rescue- I will put together an outfit and post a picture on here to show you that I know what I am talking about and this type of skirt is super in style. You could also opt out of the long sleeve blouse for a strapless top or boustier top. You would still be classy and not whorish because now you are showing less leg.. GET IT..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beyonce- normally hate her style, but I would work this outfit like no tomorrow

Soooooo minus the Goofy ears hat, I love this outfit. Minus the fact that I just found out that the shirt is a devil worshiper shirt... Wtf beyonce, yuck..... But anyways, Beyonce is kind of old fashion. I hate most of the stuff she puts on. But this outfit I actually do love. and Is me all over. Its that rock and roll hard bitch look, with a touch of female swagg. Due to the boots. I love the strappy pants and the cut off T.. I give Beyonce around of applause for this outfut. Most people proabaly be like ummm hell naw to this outfit, but if you know me, you know I would wear this outfit in a heart beat. That is what Being free to style yourself is all about.. Set trends before everyone else, and watch the chicks flock to every thread you wear....HINT....

I have died and went to Cincinnati, LOL

Just want to pay homage to my fine man in tights (on the field) and style stunner off the field). MEN pay close attention. I have to have a man that can dress his ass off, because I do. That is a must when I date someone. Your game has to be impeccable. Even my momma knows that my partner should be def dope at- Dressing himself..  CHAD (FINE ASS) OCHOCINCO

 He takes a simple outfit (All white) and pairs with LV loafers (orange) and a orange baseball hat- most will think umm this outfit is very plain, but I love the fact that he is not afraid of color.. Him being such a dark skin man, all colors look amazing on him.. Check your game
O yea simple outfit again, but I love these GUCCI sneakers retails @ $595. Men and Women- I have searched Gucci stores for these, dont carry them, expect on line.. DONE in my book. Men remember what I said about dark denim and a white tee. Always looks super cute together and looks like your not trying hard. His white T is not oversized and def not down to his knees..

Aww and the award goes to "Chocolate Sensation". This three piece suit is amazing. I love the colors that he put together( his stylist put together). Most men are afraid to wear the purples, pinks and bright girly colors- but wearing these colors as just a touch or pop can make your game go up. Shows that I am  a MANLY MAN and I can wear colors that some are intimidated by wearing. I ahve alwasy been a fan of the oatmeal color and Purple..

NOTE: MEN PLEASE STEP YOUR STYLE GAME UP. WOMEN LOVE TO SEE A MAN DRESS. Just like it is important that a women wears the right dress, tight jean, and highest heel. It is important for you men to have your style game at a 10..

70's inspiration that I love.. Lauren London in Rolling Stones mag.. Koodles to Stylist

I am HUGE FAN of the 70's look inspired fits. This spread Lauren London did for Rolling Stones is all things Fabulous. OMG to Die for. This is what FASHION is all about.. Stepping outside the box. This leopard dress is amazing and I love the fact that is was paired with a big flared hat.. The Style of this dress is completely 70's. H&M has a dress with the gathered wrist and its super cute.

So this outfit Screams FASHION STUNNER- I love the high waisted so much, .These jeans always make the hips look amazing because they conture to your body.. I am a big high waisted flared pants girl.

 Yes you have to have the right shape to pull this look off but it is always (up-most) stylish to put a high wasited pant with a button down printed shirt. he outfit below I want I want for sure.. Time to go shopping for my 70's inspired looks. This look actually makes you look taller and slim. Which I am a big fan of being Slim.. DONT JUDGE ME.. lol
AGAIN- KOODLES to Her stylist.. Aww I LOVE...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 Basics Essentails for Spring

The top 10- wow this is a little hard, but hear we go- narrowing that ass down to 10..

1) Denim - Thin material jeans - Bebe is king ( I say KING because yes a man founded Bebe).. But he is king for hiring designers who design all types of thin material jeans.

2) Maxi Dress- They have soo many pretty birhgt colors and so many styles- Marc by Marc Jacobs has some cute ones out right now..

3) Wrapped sun dress- any color (bright please) - I love these dresses because lets be real, they compliment us women in the "knockers" area and make are shape sexy because this dress is made to wrap around our curves

4) Basic white Cami / Tee / or Tank- This is very important- you can always wear these to anything and look super cute it in- example- Wife beater ( Expensive brand please) with jeans, or shorts.. cute and laid back fo sho

5) Thin material Blazer- Nylon/ Rayon- I have soo many I should open up an blazer boutique- Please go out an buy blazers for every season, this makes an outfit and shows you have some style

6) Wedges- or cut strappy heel- I dont even need to comment on this- just check out my blog " the wedge architect"

7) Vintage baggy distressed denim shorts (loose fit or tight)-  I love shorts, make sure to work out and get them legs right though before you wear them, say no to cellulite/ cottage cheese thighs- yuck

8) Big oversize sunglasses- Me and the bf went to mall and check them out- Tom Ford has some amazing shades right now, but you always can count on your Chanel's, Gucci's and Carreras's to help you out

9) Studded or FAUX diamond flat sandals or flats- Sandals are a must for Spring and Summer- Just make sure to have a pedicure before stepping out- Steve madden has alot of cute sandals

10) Nice oversize handbags- I am a handbag freak- OMG I eat and sleep all things handbags.. Think I should buy another one just cause its Spring.. hahaha

Take these 10 basic essential to every season this year. rearrange some things that can fit the season you are in. Use the colors, materials, and ect to always make these 10 essentials your top 10 for every season..


Dominant Trend with a touch of White

So I have just been a little busy body these past weeks and I am finally able to blog...

My favorite past and present time is to go to Barnes and Nobles on my lunch break or the weekends and look at all the Fashion Magazines-, My favs are more of the French Editions- such as French Vogue collections, Love, W, and Elle collections. I get so overwelmed when I read these magazines and then become inspired at an instant. (NOTE: Yes I can write a blog just talking about Fashion Magazines and Books and I will. )

This season is coming out with some bold colors that will make a statement at any event or time of day. I know that alot of designers are coming out with a lot of whites- its like white season - I know H&M has the new eco friendly white collection- and this collection is a good one.  The dominant trend of this season and next (Summer),  that are not along the white collection but I have seen it be incorporate into the white collections- is the Bohemian Trend. Because the white is in, you can buy alot of threads that have the inspiration of the boho look and still maintain a fresh look by wearing it in white. Believe it or not- wearing all white makes a huge statment. This is what I like to do now for the Spring season, with adding bold jewerly pieces to compliment my outfits.  This may also be a good time to check out the boho inspired head piece jewerly. These are super cute, but I do feel that you have to wear the right outfit to pull the head piece off. 

Although I am not a huge fan of a lot of hippie inspired threads, I do love the bohemian look. As well as the head piece jewerly..This look takes me to another place like Miami, LA - Hollywood life at the Roosevelt hotel and the Thompson hotel, as well as Vegas. You would probably catch me wearing the boho look on the beach or out to dinner with friends as well as playtime by the pool. I have viewed many designers who use this trend and are able to accomplish the look soo well. From the sophisticated looks to the dress down casual looks.

NOTE: I think this is probably why I am obsessed with the maxi dresses. But instead of choosing to wear a maxi dress, try the maxi skirts, because they are more of a fit to this trend.  I do feel that to get this look you also have to think loose fitting clothes...

 So now that it is Spring and I gave you a hint of what trend is in for this season; Now when shopping, start to look for more boho looks and make it work for you.

 Koodles to Bohemian inspirations - HIGH FIVE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Boyfriend Affair

As many may know, the Boyfriend has been around since the the beginning of human existance. Us women need our men for everything. We rely on them to help us when we cant do things ourselves, Drive us around and take us shopping, love us like no other, protect us, resulting in making us feel like Princesses and Barbie dolls. We love how our boyfriends smell and the masculinity  they exude. We love the Boyfriend.

Well today is it all about the boyfriend affair. Note: I am not talking about cheating on you, (Well not literally), but more along the lines of wearing you- In terms of wearing everything you own, and making it fit to our body frame. We love you soo much we want to be in your clothes.

Many designers have taken this into account and tailored men's inspired clothes to fit us women. From dress socks, to dress shoes, from Mens t-shirts to Mens blazers, to Mens slacks to Men's denim.. We as women want to live for our boyfriend.

Article VIII has been in the works to create a fabulous boyfriend denim for us girls. Its all about the loose fit of the jean, the crotch of the jean and the cuff that is done to create that boyfriend inspired look. True religion has some out right now that totally make a chick fashion forward without trying. (Check out ARTICLE VII on fb..)

Recommendations-  If you are a chick that can wear whatever and everything looks good on you, then try to do this look from head to toe.

#1 Try a tailored double breasted blazer with a boyfriend jean and mens dress shoes, then top it off with a fidora hat or driver hat. NOTE: Leave hair down and curly to add a feminine feel to it..

 #2 Try boyfriend slacks with a button down dress blouse- (try some prints like leopard or a unique print.) Pair this outfit with a plain cargidan and a killer heel. DO NOT FORGET to wear a skinny belt. These things are important to maintain this look, because essentially it all pulls the look together- the complete look.

Take this sleeveless blazer for example-
Alexander Mcqueen (Bless his heart)
Crepe sleeveless blazer- Retail @ 1595.00

Wear this blazer with a boyfriend jean- make sure to wear a strappy heel that pops with colors. Also Make sure your denim is a light wash- NOTE: Denim washes are extremely important to the type of outfit you wear. Choosing a dark denim wash with a dark blazer can sometimes look too serious. So for a day outting pair this sleeveless blazer or any blazer with a light wash boyfriend denim. Current and Elliot have the cutest boyfriend inspired light washed denim out right now- they are studded and those studs are going to set you back- literally -  (Retailing @ $ 725.00) You can match this with a simple white V- neck tee sleeve or a simple white tank top- not fitted, make sure it is a little baggy. OOOh dont forget the boyfriend BIG face watch, and wear a Bib necklace. You can wear a long chain necklace instead, but the Bib necklaces usually makes more of a statement, depending on which one you choose. Add a simple belt and taaa daaa your outfit is good to go and you look fashion forward, simple and classy.

MY DISCLAIMER When wearing the boyfriend inspired look, you should NEVER wear your hair back into a ponytail, Get your lazy butt up and curl your hair. If you dont want to curl it, at least wear it down. The key is that you NEVER want to be mistaken as a MAN. Just a sexy chick who can strut around with the inspiration of her boyfriend..

" I am always up for cheating on a boyfriend with his clothes".. lmao..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Romp into/ or Jump into Spring and Summer

A huge trend that is out and has been out for years is the Rompers and Jumpers. I myself have found the convience of slipping on a one piece item, but the frustration of slipping it off when you have to go pee.. hehehehe... Beside that I believe the Rompers and Jumpers are here for a lifetime and compliments every women's body type. DEPENDING on which one you buy.

As one browses through many fashion boutiques, High end retails stores, and web shopping, you will find a variety of such threads. All designers from high end to low end have made or are still making it available for  this to be a go to item in every women's closet. Such designers are Catherine Malandrino,  and DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) are doing unique jumpsuits. I bought a BEBE by Kardashian romper a while back (Resort collection) , still have not worn it but I love it because its classy, elegant and the way its made it looks more like a dress. Such a date outfit I tell ya. I bought it in the Rose color because of course as I stated before, this color is coming in full effect. All I have to do is add a fringe necklace with it and Im pretty much done. NOTE: That is the only item I have every bought from the Kardashian collection because the rest of their mess was whack- Applause to Bebe for dropping those chicks..( - I mean sometimes I know)

Kim Kardashian just sported a Catherine Malandrino jumper in the streets of hollywood last week.. My opinion on it is, I like the jumpsuit but not on her. The jumpsuit she chose would compliment a women who was not soo curvy and taller, but because Kim is standing at 5'2 bare foot and curves to die for (literally with all that plastic surgery), I could not "get with it" that much with her in this jumpsuit. So I had to look beyond her little self and see the beauty of the jumpsuit as a whole..

When shopping for a jumpsuit, please remember to think about your body frame, your breast size and your height. Having too much somewhere and not enough in other places can make you look crazy in a jumpsuit. The fabric of a jumpsuit and romper is suppose to compliment you, not attack you in all the wrong places.

This jumpsuit on Rihanna I love soo much, It was made 3 years ago and trust when I first saw it I was looking all over the place for it. But with this jumpsuit you definitely have to have the body frame for it, many people would be scared or say this is ugly, but that is probably coming from the people who never look outsitde the box or appreciate the creativity of the designer. YES I CAN STRUT THIS JUMPSUIT LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT AND GARANTEE THAT I WOULD HAVE PEOPLE ASKING ME WEAR I BOUGHT IT.. -PREACH..LOL

Jumpsuits and Rompers are made for everyone, but you also have to be careful about which style and cut fits you. Some Jumpsuits and Rompers that I love are as follows:

Sass & Bide- This designer duo I love.. they have a romper  ( Take two printed stretch silk romper -Retails $630.00), This romper is good for going on a date, matching it with a black, red, or white blazer and you are good to go. Try wearing a strappy sandal heel instead of a close toe pump, since it is Spring.

Sass & Bide- ( Jump for space stratch silk strapless jumpsuit- Retails @ $ 800.00)- This Jumpsuit has a small sweetheart top and is straight to the point- meaning it is a straight fitted jumsuit. For this id say not to wear a blazer with it because you will hide the beauty of the jmpsuit. The jumpsuit is very simple but edge at the same time. Since the color only comes in black- try to stick some color in it by wearing a bight color heel. Wear your hair in a slick back ponytail to all your facial features show. ( Call this look "the slick chick" look).

Bottega Veneta- (Belted fine - kint cotton jumpsuit- retails @ $ 1280.00). This jumpsuit is sexy, covers more but with the right shape or the right accessories, one can pull it off without hesitation. This too is a date jumper

DVF - ( Jhumpa jumpsuit retails @ $ 465.00)- This jumpsuit many women would turn it down, walk passed it or not even try it one. BUT for me I guess that is a good thing because I know not that many people will be wearing it when I wear it. This is one my list to purchase this weekend.. Shhhhh.. With the right heels, right accessories, right hair style I can def pull it off. This jumpsuit screams comfy, fresh and cool- also has a 70's spend to it.. Can wait to try it on.. ;).

Til we meet again .....

Friday, April 8, 2011

ASS-SET-OR- RISE your ish...

ASS-SET-OR- RISE your ish...
Proper spelling: Accessorize

The beauty about being a girl is that we have soo many things to choose from to accessorize our outfits.

Yesturday I copped the dopest fringe necklace. Immediately I thought GLAMOUROUS to say the least. I am a huge fan of the bib necklaces and the fringe necklaces.

The fashion world has always been huge on making sure you accessorize your outfit before walking out the door. Even my friend use to tell me as we grew up " Maya you better make sure you have some earrings on before you walk out the house", Well that kind of stuck with me and I never been the same since. HAHAHA JK, but to some extent that statement is the truth. Earrings can make you look soo much more appealing to the eye even if they are just studs.

Personally I love all types of jewerly but I am stuck on Necklaces right now .Fancy ones, Bib ones, Fringe ones, but they have to really catch my eye in order for me to buy them.  They have to have a lot of glam, alot of shine, and a lot of uniqueness as well.

Nordstroms and Bloomingdales right now has many options to choose from. Go to the " Savvy" department in Nordstrom and you will understand what I am talking about. That department is already full of expensive brands in clothes, but their jewerly is to die for. NOTE: Not all Nordstroms have jewerly available to the consumer in Savvy, but  anyone that knows me, I shop my little ass off and I go to mostly the malls that cater to the demographics that I relate to. Ask me and Ill key you in... Shhhhhh...

 I am also obessed with the double finger rings.. OMG I AM SOO IN LOVE, AND THE BF LOVES THEM ON ME TOO :)... HAHAHA. A girl should always have some rings on when she goes out. These rings in particular are the greatest invention since.. shoot IDK but they are a game changer to your outfit. They are making soo many options now in rings that are soo FANCY, I am loving the fringe rings now too and always been a fan of the big sparkly studded cocktail rings.. If you are single and do not have a ring on that left hand yet, your only option is to stunt out your hands by fancy, fabulous rings til you get the main one.. LMAO ...

 Jewelry just like clothes and purses are something you should buy that can be passed down to your younger generations. Ill confess though, I do sometimes buy the little necklaces that may not last as long, but fullfills my need for that moment in time to style someone or just say haha this is fun, but you already know I wont spend more than an X amount of dollars on it on those types of necklaces. Sometimes you just have to go deep down and spend some doe on a nice, unique piece of jewelry. and on my fancy ones, I spend without a doubt. Bangles are my obession as well, but I am very suttle when it comes to what type of bangles I buy. I usually stick to either silver or gold. I love the gun metal and the rose bangles that are out now, but I definitely need some bling to shine on my arm.

NOTE: When wearing an outfit please remember too much bling or jewerly that is overbearing to the eye can cause a major DONT to your outfit. It can make you look like you are trying to hard and just can not get it right.

Recommendation: A girl must always have the norm of a Gold and Silver necklace. I am very much into the thin chain necklaces- Mostly the multiple chain necklaces. So simple as wearing jeans and a T-shirt- put on a dope necklace and your outfit automatically changes into more. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE WORD JEWELRY...

Watches: Awww man this is MAJOR.. A watch has always been a statement of validation towards how tight your status game is and your style game. Girls- tend to look at a dude and see what threads he is wearing but also what type of watch he has on. Unfortuntely depending on how big the face is, the diamonds on it and ect- that determines if the girl will talk to you or not- I think they are call GOLD Diggers but not sure ;).. lol. But in some sense it is true along the lines of your style game. Same goes for females- I am a big face watch chick with diamonds all around it. Most of my favorite brands are- Michael Kors, Nixon, D&G , Michele, Toy, and I am a fan of this Louis vuitton watch that retails at about $11,000.. That watch it to die for.. Literally... lol.. but a watch is the best accessory to have, you can wear a watch and pretty much not have to wear bangles to compliment it if you do not want to.

As stated above jewelry is very important to a girls waredrobe, Shop jewerly just as much as you shop for your clothes. Make it a priority to wear some type of bling, shine, ect in each outfit you wear. That moto: "Before you leave the house take one piece of jewerly off". Well this statement is true, but if you dare to do it your way, go for all of it. BUT, and I say this as nice as I can.. Don't ever let me catch you or someone who is on point in the fashion game, wearing Gold and Silver, Silver and Rose Gold. or anything of that nonsense..Instead - Try mixing together Gold and Rose Gold, or Silver and Gun metal together. These sets together acutally compliment eachother very well. That way you are starting a trend that will last forever..

I think now I NEED to step up to that LEMONADE gold.. (That Yellow Gold baby, holla.. lmao)

Pictures to come, only if I want nosey folks all in my closet.. lol still havent decided yet..

- Toodles Dolls !!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wedge Architect

Ahhhh, The Wedge

Definition please: On most shoes, the "heel" sits under only the heel of the foot, but a wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front.

Hi my name is Maya and I am a wedge shoe addict. I have to have them very high, very comfy and very for me.. Haha

The wedge heel is one of those shoes that one can not go wrong with. They are structured in such creative ways. I foreal have like 20 pair of them. in boots, booties, heels and ect. This is my go to shoe in my closet.

Spring is here and there are sooo many types of wedges that a chick can choose.
  • Lanvin has the sickest wedge out right now (Snake-print canvas wedge sandals- Retail @ $ 1120.00). I have broadcasted this wedge to the world on my FB page.
  • Chrisitan Louboutin (Paria 140mm- Retail @ $ 525.00)  has a fabulous wedge as well.
  • Jimmy Choo (Ellie leather and mesh sandals Retail  @ $1495.00) has some out right now that are O SO AMAZING.
  • Emilio Pucci (Suede multi-strap platform sandals- Retail @ $ 890.00) as well. 

Although these brands are expensive you can always find the same creativity in such brands are Joes Jeans ($ 200-300), Steve Madden ($125- 189), Trouve ($150- 200), Dolce Vita ($89- 150), BEBE ($169- 189), ect.  I am very much into the higher you go the better. I love that a wedge can act just like a high heel and compliment the structure of a women's leg.

You can wear wedges with almost anything and everything. I find when putting outfits together for my everyday wear. I will put on a button down blouse, tucked into jeans or denim shorts w/ belt, throw a high wedge on and go about my business. The beauty about the wedge is that you can wear them to dress up or dress down in. I believe every girl should own a pair of wedges. Go for the height, the height of a wedge can make or break the shoe and your outfit all together. It is all about height for a FANCY chick like me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ART of Men....

 Hahaha Men's fashion is sometimes under estimated due to the overwelming reviews for women's fashion. I personally LOVE to dress men and see men in unqiue fits. When I was younger I would love to pick out ties for my dad. I was always the type that color makes a person smile. Of course my dad is very sophisticated and sticks to the black, browns, nuetral colors.  Where I am picking out the blues, teals, greens, yellows, reds and ect. Well you know he never bought them.. Made me sad.

I PERSONALLY love to see a men dress to the tee. Whether it be for the every day look or suited and booted to the tee. I think black men is the essense of beautiful. They come in all shades and what I love the most is all colors even black, browns and nuetruals look good on them. Of course you have the ones that have no fashion sense at all and can not put a dope fit together to save the life of them.

Women always know a man is still a boy when he goes into his closet and the first thing he gets is a WHITE TEE... UGH I cant not stand white tees, especially the ones that hang like dresses. I do not know why men think this mess is cute. or think that their fashion game is on point when they put a tee on with baggy jeans and air force ones. UGH that was soo 15 years ago.. lmao.. This is a big no no..

I have become very fond of the slim fit, or straight leg jean for men. I love when a men wears bright colors like - Reds, Oranges, Blues, Persimmon, Greens, ect. I love a dark skin men to wear cardigans with dope jeans on and even step their game up and where Bally's, LV, or Gucci Sneakers.. Most men dont realize just how much variety they have. Add a dope black diamond  or plain big face watch and hold back on all the mutiple chains.

For some reason our society today is more on what designer you are wearing than what type of personality you have. But I love a man to express their personailty and taste through their clothes and how well they can put a crazy colored cardigan with a simple jean( Example) , or the way that LV or Gucci belt  fits soo perfectly on their butt...(OPPS).. The art of a men with fashion is soo delicate and percise. I think this pertains to women as well, but I am not talking about women's fashion right now.

A women can tell just how much Swagg a man has just by looking at his fashion choices. The color choices he uses and that "Im not afraid to wear whatever", cause im the shit.. The TOP dude that I know who has the best fashion sense to me is Chad OchoCinco Johnson, That dude is the epitomy of Swagg. Check out his game choices and you will see what I am talking about. SEXY.. LOL

My Recommendation:  Men please do your girl a favor or your self a favor. Go out and start buying dope threads. Buy things that are going to compliement you and make you look like you are on top of the world. Style can make someone look like they have a million bucks, even if they only pulling in less. Style can make a men look like he has soo much confidence even when he may have less of it. Know that as black men your skin complexion can compliement any color you put on. Do not be afraid to take a chance on something you would not normally wear...


Monday, April 4, 2011


So this weekend I went to get my hair done. As usual my hair stylist and I were talking about Fashion. She asked me how do I feel about trends.. ? Do I buy trendy clothes or stick with classic that you can wear every year for all seasons. I informed her that I am not a trendy person. I buy unique things but if one were to go into my closet you would see less than many trendy threads. I say trends come and go all the time. One will waste money on buying trendy clothes for that season and then become pist because they can not wear it for the next.

I told her to stick with more basics than anything. Here is a list of some basics every women should have in her closet:
  • Black and nuetral  high heel pumps
  • Blazers- any color but stick to mostly solids than pattern blazers.
  • White and black tees
  • Denim-  should always be a basic (ATTENTION: Not denim dresses, denim belts, denim hats, denim jumpers- JUST PLAIN DENIM JEANS)
  • Hooped earrings - Silver and Gold
  • Sun dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Jeggings and/ or leggings
  • Big face watch - Silver and Gold
  • Flats
I told my hair stylist that the key to fashion and being different is being able to take something so simple and jazz it up with accessories or one piece of trend threads. I told her you are better off buying less trendy clothes than spending thousands of dollars on something you are not going to wear later. Or if you do decided to wear it another year/ another season, Any fashionista and some fashionistos will know that you are wearing outdated thread. WARNING: you may get laughed at... She express to me that she buys all of her classic pieces at the expensive stores and trendy clothes at lil boutiques.

You validate your style game with the pieces that are able to be passed down to children and be considered vintage. Ever wondered why the fashion game refers to some of their pieces as  vintage. That is because of this such thing I stated above. It is all about passing down to the next generations. My aunts worn St. John and Chanel as young girls. I have pieces that my mother has passed down to me. And I have worked hard to pass down many threads, accessories and ect down to my girls (When I have them).

If one were to go into my closet you will see that most of my clothes are not trendy. Dont get me wrong, I think some trends that have been awoken from the dead are super on point and will always be that trend that last every year. Such trends as the military inspired looks, Animal prints (Leopard only PLEASE).., All things Boyfriend look: Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend tee shirts, Boyfriend blazers, Boyfriend watches, ect...

I hate to say it but other trends that come and  NEED to go, are " the dresses and add a high waisted belt". It is funny because I can go into one of these boutiques and the first thing the sales person wants to put on me is a high waisted belt. I am quick to stop her in her tracks and say that is whack,  I like the simplicity, and want to celebrate the creativity of the dress and not cover up the conture of the dress by wearing a belt. WARNING: Please do not be offended by this, if you are that chick that wears belts with every dress. Just keeping it real. Remember you are on B FREE STYLE. I can pretty much say whatever is on my mind. LMAO..

To be continued....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Julian Louie for ALDO

Wow it has been a while since I have taken to my blog. I welcome myself back....

So I found a designer that Screams creative. His name is Juilian Louie. I FINALLY received my new Deanna 24. I did a post on facebook too and I got mix emotions. Most of them stated that only I can wear that shoe and get away with it, where as they can not. Then I started thinking. Why are soo many people so scared to think outside the box and wear all things crazy. I see that its a confidence thing or one not having the ability to pull a shoe- this shoe off. But to me it is very simple and already achieve before I even slap my card down to purchase them. I see the beauty in all fashion. I see, well already knew that there was a great story in african prints. If one look at the print, it most african prints showcase bright and loud colors. The patterns are soo unique as if someone painted each african print by hand. Most cases that is what was done.
Julian louie stated that he loves this things called african print and wearing it as footwear.

I am amazed by the collection that he did and the fact that a NY fashion week designer has collaberated with ALDO to make a shoe that mirrors his couture collection for the everyday women. Wedges are the go to shoe for all seasons and this shoes definitely will make a statement. Strut with confidence and you can pull anything off... These shoes retail at $125, and are very comfy..

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