Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paying Respect to Casual Style I LOVE and STUNT....

Some of the best casual looks, and I think it is because these are the threads that I either wear, already in my closet or would go out and buy. I have soo many types of style fits that I love and dress everyday in.. My problem now is I barely get to wear most of my stuff in my closet, because I barely go anywhere..:(  lmao.. But these fits are some example of threads I talk about in my other Blogs..

Even if you are only going to lunch with your fam, your mate, your friends, take that time to dress up and wear heels. If it is the daytime, dress up in a casual way-  if it is night time, really dress your ass off. The beauty of being a women is that we can and have the rights to dress like BARBIE dolls any damn time of the day.. Just as long as you are not going overboard, you should be good.

But I just had to pay my respects to outfits I wear and love for my everyday looks... Every outfit you see below is apart of my style game.. Dont bite tothe tea, if the looks are not you, do it in a way that will fit your style..

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