Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 golden globes= fashions

So the golden globes came and went.. I was not that impressed with most of the gowns this year, even Halle berry's dress didn't tickle my fancy.. Usually Halle is always on point with every award show she attends.. Only a few stuck out to me..and my top 3 I would buy in a heart beat.. Lets get started


My top 3: Eva longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie

Eva looks spectacular in this black laced gown.. I would def wear this dress.. It's very sexy, sultry and that thigh high slit is amazing.. Not too much, just right.. I love the back as well.. I'm a back out of a dress type of girl.. And pairing it with Charlotte Olympia pumps actually worked very well..

Well what can I say.. Jennifer took the award home for the best dressed this year.. I love everything about her gown.. Melts like butta.... Lol.. This dress is to die for and she definitely rocked the hell out of it....
Nicole Ritchie has always been on point since she hired Rachel Zoe years back and changed her whole persona. she is soo soft, elegant and very fashionable.. i love this gown on her and the color is great as well..



2 more that were really pretty and elegant, but not in my top list


Jessica Alba and Amy Adams- Both did a fab job at wearing colors that were neutral to their skin complexion.. The color tones match soo perfect.

Jessica's dress is gorgeous, I think I love the color more than the dress though. But she rocked it.. It's very basic mermaid dress, that is out. If it was white it would be a wedding dress.. But I do love the color and the dress is pretty..
Amy's dress reminds me of Halle berry's marchesa dress she wore years back.. I really like this dress on her. The color of this dress is amazing to, very simple, very obvious of what a neutral tone dress should look like.





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