Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Advocate for Fall and Winter

This past year the weather has been nothing short of a disappointment. In Fall, which is my favorite season wasn't really Fall and now that winter is here, it's looking a little better.. I've been able to start wearing my furs and boots..

Although it's been sometime since I have last posted, I def have been keeping my eye on the trends. Here are a couple that I saw and have purchased myself or already in my closet..

I'm obsessed completely with the beanie with a veil.. I think this is the most prissiness, chic, sporty in some ways with a touch of innocence.. If that makes any sense... These are a must have and I'm sure they will be a trend for years to come...

Leather studded gloves. I have the pair in the second picture down.. I love them, but be careful.. Although they are super cute and stylish, they do not do soo good in the coldest of cold snowy climates.. I wore these and my fingers were cold. Hinch don't buy cheap $30 gloves and expect them to keep your fingers warm in the snow..

Thigh high boots.. All types of boots are always in my blogs for fall and winter, but this year the boots got higher.. Higher to the thigh.. I think this is the sexiest type of boot a stylish chick can strut.

Colored fur, fux or real... Full long sleeve jackets or vest.. I'm obsessed.. I think color (done right) can add so much flare and excitement to your fall or winter outfit. Who said wearing basic black an/or brown was the way to go.. I opt to wear color and I'm loving all these colored fur jackets and vest..

Peplum issues.. I'll admit I love this trend but thought this will be a trend that will come and resurface down the line and not nes scarily every year. I felt that the peplum trend was kind of like the bubble dress or shirt trend, which every one bought the mess out of it, not its no wear to be found, probably only found in the little girls sections of the department store, But as I started to see peplum done in leather, I was convinced.. And I love. Below is a few I love.

Note: Kim k must of been preggers in this dress because her flab is bulging out and it's not cute.. This should of been done on someone who has curves but no stomach...

My must have- a leather peplum moto biker jacket.. Wth.... I need

And last the leather skirts. Def a trend that will be in for years to come.. There are so many styles out there that you can't go wrong, if paired right. This is such a flirty trend.. I loves

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