Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dominant Trend with a touch of White

So I have just been a little busy body these past weeks and I am finally able to blog...

My favorite past and present time is to go to Barnes and Nobles on my lunch break or the weekends and look at all the Fashion Magazines-, My favs are more of the French Editions- such as French Vogue collections, Love, W, and Elle collections. I get so overwelmed when I read these magazines and then become inspired at an instant. (NOTE: Yes I can write a blog just talking about Fashion Magazines and Books and I will. )

This season is coming out with some bold colors that will make a statement at any event or time of day. I know that alot of designers are coming out with a lot of whites- its like white season - I know H&M has the new eco friendly white collection- and this collection is a good one.  The dominant trend of this season and next (Summer),  that are not along the white collection but I have seen it be incorporate into the white collections- is the Bohemian Trend. Because the white is in, you can buy alot of threads that have the inspiration of the boho look and still maintain a fresh look by wearing it in white. Believe it or not- wearing all white makes a huge statment. This is what I like to do now for the Spring season, with adding bold jewerly pieces to compliment my outfits.  This may also be a good time to check out the boho inspired head piece jewerly. These are super cute, but I do feel that you have to wear the right outfit to pull the head piece off. 

Although I am not a huge fan of a lot of hippie inspired threads, I do love the bohemian look. As well as the head piece jewerly..This look takes me to another place like Miami, LA - Hollywood life at the Roosevelt hotel and the Thompson hotel, as well as Vegas. You would probably catch me wearing the boho look on the beach or out to dinner with friends as well as playtime by the pool. I have viewed many designers who use this trend and are able to accomplish the look soo well. From the sophisticated looks to the dress down casual looks.

NOTE: I think this is probably why I am obsessed with the maxi dresses. But instead of choosing to wear a maxi dress, try the maxi skirts, because they are more of a fit to this trend.  I do feel that to get this look you also have to think loose fitting clothes...

 So now that it is Spring and I gave you a hint of what trend is in for this season; Now when shopping, start to look for more boho looks and make it work for you.

 Koodles to Bohemian inspirations - HIGH FIVE


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