Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Boyfriend Affair

As many may know, the Boyfriend has been around since the the beginning of human existance. Us women need our men for everything. We rely on them to help us when we cant do things ourselves, Drive us around and take us shopping, love us like no other, protect us, resulting in making us feel like Princesses and Barbie dolls. We love how our boyfriends smell and the masculinity  they exude. We love the Boyfriend.

Well today is it all about the boyfriend affair. Note: I am not talking about cheating on you, (Well not literally), but more along the lines of wearing you- In terms of wearing everything you own, and making it fit to our body frame. We love you soo much we want to be in your clothes.

Many designers have taken this into account and tailored men's inspired clothes to fit us women. From dress socks, to dress shoes, from Mens t-shirts to Mens blazers, to Mens slacks to Men's denim.. We as women want to live for our boyfriend.

Article VIII has been in the works to create a fabulous boyfriend denim for us girls. Its all about the loose fit of the jean, the crotch of the jean and the cuff that is done to create that boyfriend inspired look. True religion has some out right now that totally make a chick fashion forward without trying. (Check out ARTICLE VII on fb..)

Recommendations-  If you are a chick that can wear whatever and everything looks good on you, then try to do this look from head to toe.

#1 Try a tailored double breasted blazer with a boyfriend jean and mens dress shoes, then top it off with a fidora hat or driver hat. NOTE: Leave hair down and curly to add a feminine feel to it..

 #2 Try boyfriend slacks with a button down dress blouse- (try some prints like leopard or a unique print.) Pair this outfit with a plain cargidan and a killer heel. DO NOT FORGET to wear a skinny belt. These things are important to maintain this look, because essentially it all pulls the look together- the complete look.

Take this sleeveless blazer for example-

Alexander Mcqueen (Bless his heart)
Crepe sleeveless blazer- Retail @ 1595.00

Wear this blazer with a boyfriend jean- make sure to wear a strappy heel that pops with colors. Also Make sure your denim is a light wash- NOTE: Denim washes are extremely important to the type of outfit you wear. Choosing a dark denim wash with a dark blazer can sometimes look too serious. So for a day outting pair this sleeveless blazer or any blazer with a light wash boyfriend denim. Current and Elliot have the cutest boyfriend inspired light washed denim out right now- they are studded and those studs are going to set you back- literally -  (Retailing @ $ 725.00) You can match this with a simple white V- neck tee sleeve or a simple white tank top- not fitted, make sure it is a little baggy. OOOh dont forget the boyfriend BIG face watch, and wear a Bib necklace. You can wear a long chain necklace instead, but the Bib necklaces usually makes more of a statement, depending on which one you choose. Add a simple belt and taaa daaa your outfit is good to go and you look fashion forward, simple and classy.

MY DISCLAIMER When wearing the boyfriend inspired look, you should NEVER wear your hair back into a ponytail, Get your lazy butt up and curl your hair. If you dont want to curl it, at least wear it down. The key is that you NEVER want to be mistaken as a MAN. Just a sexy chick who can strut around with the inspiration of her boyfriend..

" I am always up for cheating on a boyfriend with his clothes".. lmao..


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