Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 Basics Essentails for Spring

The top 10- wow this is a little hard, but hear we go- narrowing that ass down to 10..

1) Denim - Thin material jeans - Bebe is king ( I say KING because yes a man founded Bebe).. But he is king for hiring designers who design all types of thin material jeans.

2) Maxi Dress- They have soo many pretty birhgt colors and so many styles- Marc by Marc Jacobs has some cute ones out right now..

3) Wrapped sun dress- any color (bright please) - I love these dresses because lets be real, they compliment us women in the "knockers" area and make are shape sexy because this dress is made to wrap around our curves

4) Basic white Cami / Tee / or Tank- This is very important- you can always wear these to anything and look super cute it in- example- Wife beater ( Expensive brand please) with jeans, or shorts.. cute and laid back fo sho

5) Thin material Blazer- Nylon/ Rayon- I have soo many I should open up an blazer boutique- Please go out an buy blazers for every season, this makes an outfit and shows you have some style

6) Wedges- or cut strappy heel- I dont even need to comment on this- just check out my blog " the wedge architect"

7) Vintage baggy distressed denim shorts (loose fit or tight)-  I love shorts, make sure to work out and get them legs right though before you wear them, say no to cellulite/ cottage cheese thighs- yuck

8) Big oversize sunglasses- Me and the bf went to mall and check them out- Tom Ford has some amazing shades right now, but you always can count on your Chanel's, Gucci's and Carreras's to help you out

9) Studded or FAUX diamond flat sandals or flats- Sandals are a must for Spring and Summer- Just make sure to have a pedicure before stepping out- Steve madden has alot of cute sandals

10) Nice oversize handbags- I am a handbag freak- OMG I eat and sleep all things handbags.. Think I should buy another one just cause its Spring.. hahaha

Take these 10 basic essential to every season this year. rearrange some things that can fit the season you are in. Use the colors, materials, and ect to always make these 10 essentials your top 10 for every season..



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