Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fallon Favors

Shoot out- to Dollface Fallon Favors- You all should remember Fallon from the hit BET show "College Hill Virgin Islands". Fallon is an incredible singer and is taking a hold of the music business. I had a pleasure in consulting looks for her show she did a couple of months ago. She is very kind, sweet and a beautiful girl, and her voice goes along with it.. I see great and properous things happening in her career... Her voice I havent heard since the days when people actually sung and truely had a voice..

 She is greatly influence by the 1920's era. I love the 1920's as well. its the old hollywood glam.. We focused on bringing that look into the new generation now, but show inspiration from the past. We talk about peplum dresses, knee lenght high waisted skirts, Sheer skirts with a sexy body suit showing through, leather studded gloves, laced gloves, veil hats that the women of that era wore all the time, wrapped dresses,  lots of beautiful pearls, and high heels of course.. It was fun to think about how we can make the inspired threads come to life.. I think Fallon looked very cute for her performance. And her audience of course loved her and showed her much love..

I look forward to fully styling Fallon for her next performance on New Years. Check Fallon out and listen to her hot mix tape.. Google her... You definitely will not be disappointed.. XOXO Fallon..


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