Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THOU SHALL GIVE.. Give unto others

                                  I just posted this on my facebook- decided to blog about it:

"Instead of being such a selfish person in general, why dont you go to your closet pick out all the clothes you do not wear, shoes, etc and give to the less fortunate- try homeless or the ones who are mostly at need.. Dont be greedy and take them to good will to get some money back.. think about others.. Thats how God blesses you, for blessing others.. "

I have a huge heart to give to others, the ones that do not have anything. Since this is a fashion blog.. I sure can write about this... Since I was younger I have always been the one to give. People always say do some "Spring Cleaning", but most of the time they mean clean your house, or closet and throw things away. Well why not try cleaning out your closet of the things you do not wear anymore, have been left in your closest just to take up space, or those clothes that you look at for years, say well I just cant get rid of it, because I will wear it some day.. but you never do.

Food for thought- go to your closet, pick out all the items or accessories you do not wear- fold them up, place in  a box, find someone who is homeless or a family who can not afford to buy their teens or whatever age group you believe your clothes can fit and are appropiate for and give them away.. I have always been a person to do so. God has blessed me with so much and why would I not be a source to bless others.. I SPRING CLEAN every season. I will not GIVE MY CLOTHES TO THE GOODWILL or SOMEONE WHO LIVES A GOOD LIFE AND DECIDES THEY WANT TO PICK OUT THE GOOD ITEMS FOR THEMSELVES AND THEN GIVE THE LEFTOVERS TO OTHERS OR SALE. I can stand a person who has a heart like that.. Stop being selfish and give.. Homeless people are always in need.. Start this winter season and start giving.. you will be blessed in return.. Never fill your heart with Greed..



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