Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have died and went to Cincinnati, LOL

Just want to pay homage to my fine man in tights (on the field) and style stunner off the field). MEN pay close attention. I have to have a man that can dress his ass off, because I do. That is a must when I date someone. Your game has to be impeccable. Even my momma knows that my partner should be def dope at- Dressing himself..  CHAD (FINE ASS) OCHOCINCO

 He takes a simple outfit (All white) and pairs with LV loafers (orange) and a orange baseball hat- most will think umm this outfit is very plain, but I love the fact that he is not afraid of color.. Him being such a dark skin man, all colors look amazing on him.. Check your game
O yea simple outfit again, but I love these GUCCI sneakers retails @ $595. Men and Women- I have searched Gucci stores for these, dont carry them, expect on line.. DONE in my book. Men remember what I said about dark denim and a white tee. Always looks super cute together and looks like your not trying hard. His white T is not oversized and def not down to his knees..

Aww and the award goes to "Chocolate Sensation". This three piece suit is amazing. I love the colors that he put together( his stylist put together). Most men are afraid to wear the purples, pinks and bright girly colors- but wearing these colors as just a touch or pop can make your game go up. Shows that I am  a MANLY MAN and I can wear colors that some are intimidated by wearing. I ahve alwasy been a fan of the oatmeal color and Purple..

NOTE: MEN PLEASE STEP YOUR STYLE GAME UP. WOMEN LOVE TO SEE A MAN DRESS. Just like it is important that a women wears the right dress, tight jean, and highest heel. It is important for you men to have your style game at a 10..


Alicia said...

I like really, really really, need to cop those Gucci sneaks lol

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