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Love of Colour

Friday, April 8, 2011

ASS-SET-OR- RISE your ish...

ASS-SET-OR- RISE your ish...
Proper spelling: Accessorize

The beauty about being a girl is that we have soo many things to choose from to accessorize our outfits.

Yesturday I copped the dopest fringe necklace. Immediately I thought GLAMOUROUS to say the least. I am a huge fan of the bib necklaces and the fringe necklaces.

The fashion world has always been huge on making sure you accessorize your outfit before walking out the door. Even my friend use to tell me as we grew up " Maya you better make sure you have some earrings on before you walk out the house", Well that kind of stuck with me and I never been the same since. HAHAHA JK, but to some extent that statement is the truth. Earrings can make you look soo much more appealing to the eye even if they are just studs.

Personally I love all types of jewerly but I am stuck on Necklaces right now .Fancy ones, Bib ones, Fringe ones, but they have to really catch my eye in order for me to buy them.  They have to have a lot of glam, alot of shine, and a lot of uniqueness as well.

Nordstroms and Bloomingdales right now has many options to choose from. Go to the " Savvy" department in Nordstrom and you will understand what I am talking about. That department is already full of expensive brands in clothes, but their jewerly is to die for. NOTE: Not all Nordstroms have jewerly available to the consumer in Savvy, but  anyone that knows me, I shop my little ass off and I go to mostly the malls that cater to the demographics that I relate to. Ask me and Ill key you in... Shhhhhh...

 I am also obessed with the double finger rings.. OMG I AM SOO IN LOVE, AND THE BF LOVES THEM ON ME TOO :)... HAHAHA. A girl should always have some rings on when she goes out. These rings in particular are the greatest invention since.. shoot IDK but they are a game changer to your outfit. They are making soo many options now in rings that are soo FANCY, I am loving the fringe rings now too and always been a fan of the big sparkly studded cocktail rings.. If you are single and do not have a ring on that left hand yet, your only option is to stunt out your hands by fancy, fabulous rings til you get the main one.. LMAO ...

 Jewelry just like clothes and purses are something you should buy that can be passed down to your younger generations. Ill confess though, I do sometimes buy the little necklaces that may not last as long, but fullfills my need for that moment in time to style someone or just say haha this is fun, but you already know I wont spend more than an X amount of dollars on it on those types of necklaces. Sometimes you just have to go deep down and spend some doe on a nice, unique piece of jewelry. and on my fancy ones, I spend without a doubt. Bangles are my obession as well, but I am very suttle when it comes to what type of bangles I buy. I usually stick to either silver or gold. I love the gun metal and the rose bangles that are out now, but I definitely need some bling to shine on my arm.

NOTE: When wearing an outfit please remember too much bling or jewerly that is overbearing to the eye can cause a major DONT to your outfit. It can make you look like you are trying to hard and just can not get it right.

Recommendation: A girl must always have the norm of a Gold and Silver necklace. I am very much into the thin chain necklaces- Mostly the multiple chain necklaces. So simple as wearing jeans and a T-shirt- put on a dope necklace and your outfit automatically changes into more. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE WORD JEWELRY...

Watches: Awww man this is MAJOR.. A watch has always been a statement of validation towards how tight your status game is and your style game. Girls- tend to look at a dude and see what threads he is wearing but also what type of watch he has on. Unfortuntely depending on how big the face is, the diamonds on it and ect- that determines if the girl will talk to you or not- I think they are call GOLD Diggers but not sure ;).. lol. But in some sense it is true along the lines of your style game. Same goes for females- I am a big face watch chick with diamonds all around it. Most of my favorite brands are- Michael Kors, Nixon, D&G , Michele, Toy, and I am a fan of this Louis vuitton watch that retails at about $11,000.. That watch it to die for.. Literally... lol.. but a watch is the best accessory to have, you can wear a watch and pretty much not have to wear bangles to compliment it if you do not want to.

As stated above jewelry is very important to a girls waredrobe, Shop jewerly just as much as you shop for your clothes. Make it a priority to wear some type of bling, shine, ect in each outfit you wear. That moto: "Before you leave the house take one piece of jewerly off". Well this statement is true, but if you dare to do it your way, go for all of it. BUT, and I say this as nice as I can.. Don't ever let me catch you or someone who is on point in the fashion game, wearing Gold and Silver, Silver and Rose Gold. or anything of that nonsense..Instead - Try mixing together Gold and Rose Gold, or Silver and Gun metal together. These sets together acutally compliment eachother very well. That way you are starting a trend that will last forever..

I think now I NEED to step up to that LEMONADE gold.. (That Yellow Gold baby, holla.. lmao)

Pictures to come, only if I want nosey folks all in my closet.. lol still havent decided yet..

- Toodles Dolls !!!


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