Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Monday, April 4, 2011


So this weekend I went to get my hair done. As usual my hair stylist and I were talking about Fashion. She asked me how do I feel about trends.. ? Do I buy trendy clothes or stick with classic that you can wear every year for all seasons. I informed her that I am not a trendy person. I buy unique things but if one were to go into my closet you would see less than many trendy threads. I say trends come and go all the time. One will waste money on buying trendy clothes for that season and then become pist because they can not wear it for the next.

I told her to stick with more basics than anything. Here is a list of some basics every women should have in her closet:

  • Black and nuetral  high heel pumps
  • Blazers- any color but stick to mostly solids than pattern blazers.
  • White and black tees
  • Denim-  should always be a basic (ATTENTION: Not denim dresses, denim belts, denim hats, denim jumpers- JUST PLAIN DENIM JEANS)
  • Hooped earrings - Silver and Gold
  • Sun dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Jeggings and/ or leggings
  • Big face watch - Silver and Gold
  • Flats
I told my hair stylist that the key to fashion and being different is being able to take something so simple and jazz it up with accessories or one piece of trend threads. I told her you are better off buying less trendy clothes than spending thousands of dollars on something you are not going to wear later. Or if you do decided to wear it another year/ another season, Any fashionista and some fashionistos will know that you are wearing outdated thread. WARNING: you may get laughed at... She express to me that she buys all of her classic pieces at the expensive stores and trendy clothes at lil boutiques.

You validate your style game with the pieces that are able to be passed down to children and be considered vintage. Ever wondered why the fashion game refers to some of their pieces as  vintage. That is because of this such thing I stated above. It is all about passing down to the next generations. My aunts worn St. John and Chanel as young girls. I have pieces that my mother has passed down to me. And I have worked hard to pass down many threads, accessories and ect down to my girls (When I have them).

If one were to go into my closet you will see that most of my clothes are not trendy. Dont get me wrong, I think some trends that have been awoken from the dead are super on point and will always be that trend that last every year. Such trends as the military inspired looks, Animal prints (Leopard only PLEASE).., All things Boyfriend look: Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend tee shirts, Boyfriend blazers, Boyfriend watches, ect...

I hate to say it but other trends that come and  NEED to go, are " the dresses and add a high waisted belt". It is funny because I can go into one of these boutiques and the first thing the sales person wants to put on me is a high waisted belt. I am quick to stop her in her tracks and say that is whack,  I like the simplicity, and want to celebrate the creativity of the dress and not cover up the conture of the dress by wearing a belt. WARNING: Please do not be offended by this, if you are that chick that wears belts with every dress. Just keeping it real. Remember you are on B FREE STYLE. I can pretty much say whatever is on my mind. LMAO..

To be continued....


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