Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ART of Men....

 Hahaha Men's fashion is sometimes under estimated due to the overwelming reviews for women's fashion. I personally LOVE to dress men and see men in unqiue fits. When I was younger I would love to pick out ties for my dad. I was always the type that color makes a person smile. Of course my dad is very sophisticated and sticks to the black, browns, nuetral colors.  Where I am picking out the blues, teals, greens, yellows, reds and ect. Well you know he never bought them.. Made me sad.

I PERSONALLY love to see a men dress to the tee. Whether it be for the every day look or suited and booted to the tee. I think black men is the essense of beautiful. They come in all shades and what I love the most is all colors even black, browns and nuetruals look good on them. Of course you have the ones that have no fashion sense at all and can not put a dope fit together to save the life of them.

Women always know a man is still a boy when he goes into his closet and the first thing he gets is a WHITE TEE... UGH I cant not stand white tees, especially the ones that hang like dresses. I do not know why men think this mess is cute. or think that their fashion game is on point when they put a tee on with baggy jeans and air force ones. UGH that was soo 15 years ago.. lmao.. This is a big no no..

I have become very fond of the slim fit, or straight leg jean for men. I love when a men wears bright colors like - Reds, Oranges, Blues, Persimmon, Greens, ect. I love a dark skin men to wear cardigans with dope jeans on and even step their game up and where Bally's, LV, or Gucci Sneakers.. Most men dont realize just how much variety they have. Add a dope black diamond  or plain big face watch and hold back on all the mutiple chains.

For some reason our society today is more on what designer you are wearing than what type of personality you have. But I love a man to express their personailty and taste through their clothes and how well they can put a crazy colored cardigan with a simple jean( Example) , or the way that LV or Gucci belt  fits soo perfectly on their butt...(OPPS).. The art of a men with fashion is soo delicate and percise. I think this pertains to women as well, but I am not talking about women's fashion right now.

A women can tell just how much Swagg a man has just by looking at his fashion choices. The color choices he uses and that "Im not afraid to wear whatever", cause im the shit.. The TOP dude that I know who has the best fashion sense to me is Chad OchoCinco Johnson, That dude is the epitomy of Swagg. Check out his game choices and you will see what I am talking about. SEXY.. LOL

My Recommendation:  Men please do your girl a favor or your self a favor. Go out and start buying dope threads. Buy things that are going to compliement you and make you look like you are on top of the world. Style can make someone look like they have a million bucks, even if they only pulling in less. Style can make a men look like he has soo much confidence even when he may have less of it. Know that as black men your skin complexion can compliement any color you put on. Do not be afraid to take a chance on something you would not normally wear...



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