Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Julian Louie for ALDO

Wow it has been a while since I have taken to my blog. I welcome myself back....

So I found a designer that Screams creative. His name is Juilian Louie. I FINALLY received my new Deanna 24. I did a post on facebook too and I got mix emotions. Most of them stated that only I can wear that shoe and get away with it, where as they can not. Then I started thinking. Why are soo many people so scared to think outside the box and wear all things crazy. I see that its a confidence thing or one not having the ability to pull a shoe- this shoe off. But to me it is very simple and already achieve before I even slap my card down to purchase them. I see the beauty in all fashion. I see, well already knew that there was a great story in african prints. If one look at the print, it most african prints showcase bright and loud colors. The patterns are soo unique as if someone painted each african print by hand. Most cases that is what was done.
Julian louie stated that he loves this things called african print and wearing it as footwear.

I am amazed by the collection that he did and the fact that a NY fashion week designer has collaberated with ALDO to make a shoe that mirrors his couture collection for the everyday women. Wedges are the go to shoe for all seasons and this shoes definitely will make a statement. Strut with confidence and you can pull anything off... These shoes retail at $125, and are very comfy..


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