Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long shirts, Mini Skirts...

Long shirts, Mini skirts are the top trend of the seasons. Mini skirts can have the reputation of being skimmpy and whorish, But if worn in a classy, sexy way- they are not. When dining with my Fabulous Dolls, or going out for some quite loungy fun- I will def turn to a mini skirt and a long sleeve blouse, or a mini skirt with a cargidan sweater to compliment my style as being more laid back but sexy at the same time.
Mini skirts are here to stay, so you might as well go out and buy them. Herve Leger has many bandage type skirts to choose from, but they will run you about $ 500- $600 a pop. For more of a reasonable dollar amount- Bebe has great styles as well as little boutiques around the city.

So my favoriate color this season and last year season is the highlighter yellow.. I love this color soo much. and the highlighter green. I actually bought a highlighter yellow bandage mini skirt to wear to miami sometime. I would pair it with a light washed denim material button down shirt. and wear a stunner shoe like Natural open toe high heel.. Since a mini skirt should only be worn in spring or summer- try to stay away from a closed toe shoe.
NOTE: Picture example to be posted on FB and my Blog as well.

So I love this outfit that Khloe put together. I have always been a huge fan of mini leather skirts- the classy and more expensive leather material ones, I should say. This outfit is very sexy and simple. I am a huge fan of leopard so you know that I am in love with her Christian louboutin heels.

Our society today - Women believe that they are more sexy and appealing to a guys eye, by wearing less and showing more skin- Its shows a confidence issue and that your self esteem is beyond below average, BUT what most women do not realize is that showing little skin - can make you look like you are more of a confident women and classier than the average chick out there that feels she needs to show her boobs, legs and ect to be sexy. That attracts the wrong  type of dudes. This outfit that Khloe is wearing makes me look at her and think she is a BOSS BITCH in this picture.

Recommendation / Comment: 
 Although this blog is about mini "Condom" Skirts- I believe that the mid-calf fitted skirts are definitely a cute match with a long sleeve blouse.This may be the time that is appropiate to wear a high waisted belt.. Never the less-  This skirt shows your curves, and is tight form fitting but keeps you in the classy category. "Aqua " has a mid calf lenght skirt retailing @ $ 68 .

Dont worry - If you are too scared to wear this type of lenght skirt. MyMy to the rescue- I will put together an outfit and post a picture on here to show you that I know what I am talking about and this type of skirt is super in style. You could also opt out of the long sleeve blouse for a strapless top or boustier top. You would still be classy and not whorish because now you are showing less leg.. GET IT..


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Great info.... never been real sure on how to rock the mini skirts

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