Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration of Maryse Thomas

So this morning I did a little status on a inspiration of a woman that I have been peeping out for about 3 months now. Ever since I saw her in Elle magazine, I was impressed and simi jealous.. Jealous in a happy way though with a sudden drive that "hey I can do that too, or live out the dreams that I have been wanting to do since I was a little girl". With a lot of hard work, networking and praying first, I can be the top Biatch of what I ultimately want to achieve..

 First of all I am soo in love with the threads that they chose for her interview spread. The coat above is to die for. Kim kardashian has this same coat, but for some reason did not wear it as classy and on point as Maryse has done.. Coat is Burberry Prorsum retailing @ $4495. She paired the jacket with a bright orange top  Thakoon retail @ $ 690.00. and a pair of high waisted trouser Marc Jacobs retailing @$ 625.00. She stayed very natural and all looks beautiful together..

Ok so back to her Maryse. Her company is called Pokeware- it is a technology that consumers can go online to purchase whatever is it they see.. Meaning if you are looking at a celeb you can purchase  items directly from a video or television or even virtual fashion shows.. . You like you can buy..This is genius.. Chick is a millionarie off this..  I have my own similiar idea and all types of demographics I would reach out too and ect ect ect.. How I can twist the idea I had orginially had years ago and make it just as brilliant..

This was my favoriate page in the interview to look at because the outfits are soo up my alley.. Love the Gucci blk and green dress retail @ $ 2695.00. The outfit above with the skirt and blouse..the textures in this outfit are amazing.. The blouse - Proenza Schouler retail @ $ 675. and Skirt- same designer retailing  @ $ 1350. topping the outfit off with Manolo Blahnik retail @ $ 995.00.. MAJOR...
This woman has impeccable style and taste and a great inspiration to me... Lets getum


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