Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Intro to October shoegasim... Yummm....

Hi my name is Maya and I am a shoe luver.. LUVER GIRL...

Stunners- Jimmy Choo retailing @ $ 1495.00. TO DIE FOR

Recommendation: FIRST off I am totally in love with these shoes.. I have always been a huge fan of Jimmy Choo. These bad boys make a statement in its own, so I would pair them with a basic color... For date, I would do a LBD wrapped dress. For daytime affairs with your girls. Id pair with simple denim shorts with a basic white tee and a black blazer..

 In Love - Alexander McQueen booties.. stunning color.. perfect for fall and winter.. Retailing @ $ 1225.00

Recommendation: Id pair these booties with a cigarette jean. jeans cuffed slightly at bottom to show a contrast in color, Id try a pattern top with this. Pprobably the new fun trend to mix in is the polka dot button downs.. Or a striped sweater. Don't worry if the striped sweater is completely odd colors, like grey and orange, or grey and navy blue.. you can color block a little with this. it will all flow in with each other trust.

Screams Maya- Christian Louboutins leopard loafers - retailing @ $ 1295.00.

Recommendation: Match with pencil slacks- colors that go with leopard that you normally don't see people sport, but I would. Is green slacks, navy/grey blue slacks, yellow slack, orange slacks. But for fall I would wear green, navy , or that rich plum purple. Id match with a button down denim shirt or keep it simple with a solid white. sleeves rolled up of course.

Love- Givenchy cage booties- Rihanna was sporting the brown ones... matched it with a yellow button down.. retailing @ $ 1550.00

Recommendation: wear then naked, hell.. LMAO LMAO these shoes are fierce... lol.. jk jk jk only behind closed doors. but really Id pair these with cargos and a flow cute cut off tank.. leave the shoe as the main attraction. leaving your outfit fun, flirty and fierce all at same time.


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