Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Spring Addict

Spring is officially in the building and I am still trying to figure out why some women are still wearing boots. Spring is the up most representation of fun fashion. The season if not bias to one specific style of dress but some should just know better. Spring should make girls think of colors, pastels, girly dresses and fun fashion.

Threads that are still in or now in season:

- The Military inspired look I am sure will get old, but for now it has not died down yet. I believe fashion has created a way to make this trend fit every season; this being as simple as using different colors but with the same military inspiration. So since they offer this to us girls, why not continue to sport this trend. You have the cargo jackets, cargo pants and jeans, button down blouses, tee shirts and so much more.

- The Men’s dress shoe for woman. I am a huge fan of this shoe. It screams classy, sophisticated and serious all in one. This shoe was made to be worn by a woman. The fashion world has made it available for the woman to wear them with studs like the Christian Louboutin loafers, Wear them covered in glitter like the Steve Madden loafers, or the plain/ professional loafers and many more. These shoes look great for any season but for spring is it still do-able.

Style tip 1: Pair the men’s dress shoe with the boyfriend jean, or a simple straight fitted dress, or even a pair of high waist shorts with a skinny belt and a military inspired button down or just a classic T-shirt. Now you have combined the military trend with the men’s dress shoe and can go on about your business.

The don’t you Dare and the Dare to wear:

Fashion holds a great deal of responsibility and ownership of ones style and personality. A woman can lose her fashion card by just one mistake. One may pair something that just does not go with the rest of the outfit. It gets me that we have people who take DIFFERENT into a whole other level. In my every day adventures around the city I can not help but to study every woman around me that I feel, may have Style Swagg and others who lack it.

Don’t you Dare:

  • Don’t you dare wear denim shorts with leggings and boots when it is hot as hell outside
  • Don’t you dare wear a dress with UGG boots when boots are made to warm up and a dress is made to cool you off
  • Don’t you dare wear a maxi dress that is so tight you can not breathe and all your junk is showing through the fabric
  • Don’t you dare wear the clog inspired wedge- these make your feet look flat and not attractive at all- Yes it will kill your outfit.
  • Don’t you dare wear fabrics that hug you in the wrong places just because it is hot outside

Dare to wear:

  • Dare to wear maxi dresses, in the sense that the dress is complimenting to your figure. Maxi dresses are always in and sexy as well
  • Dare to wear lace embroidered tops- these are back in season and every girl should have one. They have lace embroidered blouses and camisoles for the hot days.
  • Dare to wear wooden platforms
  • Dare to wear a thin material scarf to add to your outfit- note: pick pastel colors that actually go with the season of spring. Stay away from black, dark blue, ect instead pick light pinks, whites, soft/bright yellow, soft greens and teals.
  • Dare to wear the cute boyfriend cut off shirts with jeans- It is always sexy to show a little stomach, HAHA only if you are in shape and have that flat stomach.

The thing I love about spring is that colors are limitless. Spring is that season that you can wear throughout summer and still be ok with the trends and threads. As I have been shopping and browsing I have notice the color trend that is coming in for this season; such colors as the reds, soft rose, burnt orange, teals, and yellows. White also is coming in full effect and making a statement like always in this spring season.

Style tip 2: Buy a white blazer- NOTE: Make sure the blazer is not a heavy fabric, try to find linen, Italian linen, or rayon/nylon blazers. You always want to stay away from heavy fabrics during the spring into summer seasons. You will look a hot mess having on a satin blazer on when it is 80- 90 degrees outside.

 You can then pair the blazer with a cute shorts romper, or a cute dress with flats, sandals, or the “Go to Shoe”; a wedge. When wearing a wedge, one can never go wrong. Pairing a wedge with this outfit will make a chick look fresh, prissy or daring to some extent. Depending on if she chooses to wear shorts, a short romper or short dress with this blazer. It is all about showing the leg but still staying classy all in one.

So remember spring is full of opportunities to express your style. It is the time for experimenting with colors and staying fresh. Use your imagination but do not choose crazy outfits that will make people want to pull your fashion card.


major said...

Love this piece mama... LOL you are on point with the do nots lol

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