Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Young Socialite in NY... Love this chicks style- Miss Olivia Palermo

If you are a girly girl and were glued to the tv when "The City" was on, you will know exactly who Olivia Palermo is. Besides her being the fashion chick on the show, who may I add was on point every time, and her working for Elle Magazine... She has been in the New York scene for some years now. She is a NY Socialite.. Yes coming from money helps any girl achieve her greatest potential of filling her closet up with the greatest Fashion brands out there. I have been watching this girl ever since she was on "The City". I love her sense of style.. Even the greatest photographer known for capturing the style of an everyday person from all around the world. Mostly NY and London.. "The Sartorialist". If you are a fashion freak, check out his blog. or go buy his book.. his book is basically his blog put on paper.. That book is what any fashionista should have on her coffee table at home. That and "The Fashion Book"...

Anywho Olivia Palermo is someone you should look at if you are trying to find new inspirtations to up your look. She is very very classy and shophisticated. One of the things I love about her, is because she what she wears shows that.. She is one of those girls that if you saw walking down the street, you would be like dang shes bad... I love love love her.. Sooo on point and clean... Elegant and exudes Classiness.. 

Google her and check out other fashion she wears, and just on another note: How ever your room, or apartment and closet is set up, styled, ect.. shows how you look in your everyday life. MEANING: if your apartment is fully decked out in all types of fabulousity, it tends to show in the clothes you wear..If your room is full of bright colors and modern shaped furniture, you tend to be more fun and daring in the clothes you wear. If your apartment and/or room is very nuetrual and plain, tends to show in the clothes you wear..  Weird thought huh, but think about it and its true.. Even how your closet is organized.. ALSO:  Google her apartment too.. And then youll understand that fashion is second nature for her, without even having to try she is style...

See pics below.

Toodles Dolls!!!


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