Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shop Denimocracy/ Article VIII NOW......

I am always one of those friends that will support my best friends til the end- with whatever they are doing and wanting to accomplish. So this Blog is just for Denimocracy/ Article VIII...

The greatest thing made for a women has been the jeggings. They were made to fit like a glove. Fit most women, and have a relax fitting. I am soo lucky that the one person who is queen at designing and making Jeggings is one of my BEST friends... She is the head designer of Denimocracy and Artcle VIII. Stars all over go to her for these specific Jeggings. There is none made like um..

Stars include- Christina Augilera, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, The Kardashian Klan, Avril Lavigne, Keri Hilson, ect.. Denimocracy has created soo many styles that are daring to wear and plain and simple.. These are what I wear to work and my everyday outtings.. Depending on what type of chick you are and what body type you are, you can sport some of the daring to wear jeggings called slashers- Keri Hilson wore them in Chris Browns video..

Check below for examples of the New Fall/Winter Collection. or go to or FB .... They run between $82 - $109 depending on what style you like.

 I have these above, I LOVE THEM... I am such a tie dye person when done right. Denimocracy did it right.. NOTE: Not everyone can pull these off so make sure whatever ones you buy, you buy for your style, body type and what will look good on you.. Just being real.. You will get eyes looking at you, because these jeggings above are daring and bright as well. I always get stared eyes and compliements on these jeggings..

 These are apart of the new Fall Collection.. Red is such a great color to be worn outside of a shirt..
 Pastel colors are available too: I  LOVE these green Jeggings that Rihanna has on.. Fell in love when I saw her wearing them.  Glad I have these too...
 These new Style Jeggings are amazing- Keri Hilson is wearing these sliced ones..

Recommendation: Dont be the last chick to catch on to these Jeggings..


Article VIII is the more upscale brand that has been created. They only focus on high end premium denim- retailing more around the $250 plus- $ 350 plus range..These are one expensive pair of denim and soo worth the price.... What I love about these jeans is that for very tall girls, They have focused on making the lenght of the jean, which most denim brands do not...  Oh and btw Denimocracy is over all the denim brand - washes that you by today- So Article VIII is the mother of all creations for the other jeans you may purchase. So why not by the best of the best in denim.. Go to May I add I picked the looks for the Fall/Winter2011 campaign shoot.

The hottess style now is the boyfriend denim,  I am Queen of always talking about how much I love the boyfriend look. The pairs that Article VIII provide is really just that. The crotch is truely made like a boyfriend jean but fit a womens body perfectly. You will love every pair you buy.

Recommendation: Go to these websites that I included in this blog and shop Denimocracy and Article VIII. GO to the pages on fb and like each page. They are big on offering contest to win a free pair of Denimocracy jeggings.


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