Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just SoYou Know.... Some REAL talk..

So this is a little off the record of just strickly fashion. But then again has to do with it..

JUST FYI: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Etc designers of purses do NOT make you. Yes I have these things but that is not what defines me, nor should it define any chick who have these brands. I am soo beyond tired of seeing girls who think they are better than others because they are carrying around these purses. There is nothing more uglier, than seeing a chick who just started to have the cash flow to start buying the REAL purses,  and then have the nerve to walk around like she is now better than any other women around and talk about someone who can not afford them..

News flash: Materials do not make you better than someone else. and if you start to buy these brands and have to act like you da best chick around- then it actually shows nothing but you trying to be on a status game that you were not brought up with or even can relate to in any other form or fashion. STAY HUMBLE about all things you do and have, because one day you can be up, and the next day you can be down... Yes these designers do not come cheap, but really like my mom says " Mimi anybody can afford whatever they want, but the way they pay for it is the key"... If you use your months rent or your financial aid from school to afford it then you do not need to be walking around like you are better than any one else because you bought yourself an expensive purse, shoes or clothes..

The one thing I think I hate the most is when women do that and act like they are better than the next chick... If you are " trying to keep up with the JONESES" and then have a funky attitude like you are better than someone else, then you should be ashamed of your self. PLEASE stop if you are.. because reality is MATERIAL items do not make you..

Our society is soo caught up in that, and I have witnessed a few girls that think they are better than someone else, just because NOW they can afford to by something expensive..

I just hate that. So CHANGE your attitude if this is you.. Not a good look and trust me you can tell that you are not use too expensive items or of class by the way your swag is, the way you talk, and they way you carry urself. REGARDLESS of whatever designer your arm is holding up, you cant fake the real you.

PREACH.... Promise no more blogs like this. I just feel I should put it out there since I this is pertaining to a fashion/ stlying blog.


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