Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Inspiration- June Ambrose, gets NO better than this...

Every little girl has has a dream. When I was younger, I always knew that I yearn to be in the creative life. From winning poetry contest, to Designing dresses for my friends and I in high school, to even wanting to become a fashion designer, or being in marketing.. I always knew where my heart's loyalty was. That was Creativity. Being  the black women I am, it is definitely hard to relate to the norm of society. Yes I love all women who love fashion and style. Our society most of the time is one sided.

Because I am such in style and fashion I always love my Rachel Zoes, But the one that makes me pray at night that I can have the opportunities she has and be motivated to know that the route she took before dropping it all to live her passion, is MISS JUNE AMBROSE. I talk a little bit about her in FB one my "what am I wearing" album.. This women is soo beyond powerful in the fashion game it is ridiculous. She is my Rachel Zoe.. She is one of the MOST POWERFUL STYLIST in the world.. If I could drop everything to work with her, I would.. She is my inspiration for what I am trying to achieve, which is styling.. I love love the fact that she is a chocolate girl..
 June Ambrose is amazing in all that she does, she is the DOPEST stylist to me..She has styled every celebrity in the hip hop/ Black community.. Budgets of 100,000 plus to shop for someone and make them go from being a blank canvas to becoming a walking Stunner... She also host the Rip the Runway fashion show every year...  Everything she wears on her own daily life is like living a fairy tale. Everyday for her is a fashion show, and she is definitely working the runway.. She is the black barbie of today's fashion world. Here is a little of her Bio:

“Studying fashion was a privilege I did not have. My family emigrated from Antigua thirty years ago. There was no FIT, only books on costume-design—and I read them all!” Ambrose, who “always had aspirations of living in this big melting pot of a city,” found all the inspiration she needed from its streets: “In LA, your car is your armor. In New York, our sidewalks are our runways—we define ourselves through fashion.”
“I started my company Mod Squad in 1994, completely self-managed,” the CEO recounts, “And it’s become a total creative service. It’s brand imaging—discovering the artist’s alter ego and building a lifestyle around it—the sheets, the fragrance, the luggage.”

However, it was a previous stint in investment banking that inspired the entrepreneur. “I learned much about using money productively, and it helped me find my entrepreneurial spirit. But it was not the creative environment that I desired, and I knew if I stayed I would never be happy. It's courageous to leave a weekly paycheck and pursue clients. My parents were confused as to why I sacrificed benefits for an internship. They get it now,” she winks.The ambitious intern carried over this same drive when courting her first styling client at MCA—without so much as a portfolio. “It was about seizing the opportunity and building it into a business!” Ambrose exclaims. And in the business of building brands, none has proven more remunerative than her own.

 June Ambrose is a living, mobile fashion Magazine... Even her daughter is fresh to def from head to toe.. Some may say the treads she wears is way too daring, but what I love about her is that she does not care. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants.. She just recently launched her Turban Line.. Shown in pics above and below- she has become a noted icon for wearing turbans.. Retails between $ 125- $ 150.

 Loving the Block color trend that is out right now, of course miss june ambrose is wearing Gucci, that blazer retails if I can remember from looking at it in the store... @ $3000 and some change..
 HAHAHA I have searched high and low for these Christian Louboutins. Completely sold out retail $ 525..Fall collection 2010.. Haha that is why, they now have similar version out Spring 2011, but they are not platform, but we all know how I like my wedges...  She has a huge collection of Hermes bags, in all the great colors...  .
She is who I look at the most for inspiration to style.. Everything she wears is amazing to me.. This is why I want to be in NY, to intern with her.. I would love to dress the way I really wana dress, but in Cali is just not that practical. But I would love to go to NYFW and take in all that Fashion has to offer, and be a house whole name within itself.. IHEARTHER...

I read June Ambrose story all the time and realize that I can have that same dream and that dream can become a reality.. Ive learned that I only have one life and I need not be afraid to leave something to do what I really want to do, what I yearn to do. What makes me the happiest.... June wrote a book ( that I am still waiting for from Barnes and Nobles).. Anywho her book is called " Effortless Style". Amazing book...

She is a complete package of Class, Style, Fashion- wrapped up into one..

NOTE: The pictures I posted does not even scratch the surface of how much style this chick has... Google her NOW NOW NOW....

Educate yourself on June Ambrose..


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