Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Star Trek- Teyana Taylor

Hey Barbies, Im back.. its been a long long time... I have completely had no engery to do nothing.. Yes Ive happen to make it to the malls but even then I didnt feel like really shopping.. So ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Teyana Taylor. I love this girl. I have always been a fan of her ever since I saw her on My Sweet Sixteen.. She is the dopest little barbie out there her age.. and many women not her age.. From her hair to her lips, to her amazing body, to her swag, to her Swag... She is on point to me. She is also a dope ass dancer too, Peep her out on the video below...

Teyana for the most part has became a socialite to say the least, She is signed to Star Trek, but never heard a peep out of her. But that is ok.. This blog is about fashion and style, not talent in the entertainment business.
I love how she can take her style from the Tom boy look to danzel in distress girly attire. She looks dope in about every thing she puts on. I remember when I saw her at the Bev center in one of the stores. Her style is just sooo non apologetic. Shes tall and skinny.. With big ASS hair.. Which I love her hair, and the curls are to die for.

    I think I admire her so much because she wears what she wants, and some how makes it work for the trends that are in right now. I am obessed with the boyfriend look, but instead she makes it the tom boy look. Meaning she actually wears mens jeans, sneakers, jackets and screen tees, and wears them all baggy.. But the looks stay fresh and fit her.
I feel that girls today are soo caught up and being the true girly girls that they dont take the time out to really experiment with the threads. Instead of sneakers they go for more 5 inch heels. which by all means I love my 5 inch heel but I also love all my Jordans, Dunks, Blazer Nikes and ect... I think the cutest outfit on a chick is skinny jeans, Jordans and a screen tee- tight. Keeping the outfit grly if you are too scared to go for the full monty of a mens look.

NOTE: To the Barbies that cry when they break a nail - step your game up a little and try something NEW.. Most of the time you can exude sexiness through something so simple as sneakers and  inspired Tom boy jeans. Remember you dont always to show your ass and the twins to get a man's attention.. Create your style with some new looks and things that you dont normally wear.
Keep an eye on this girl and when you see her pics and ect, take the time to look at her fits that she wears and her style.. She is underestimated in the fashion game.


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