Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look at Dem Girls with Dem Daisy dukes on....

Daisy dukes are back and bolder than ever.. Get them legs right and get your ass into some..

Brands that are doing a great job at making these shorts a comeback- True Religion, Hudson, AG, J Brand, and Runwaydreamz.... 

Summer is here and it is ok to show some skin.. I love daisy duke shorts.. Just as long as the legs arent ashy and fit.. LMAO.. Shorts are now being more distressed, studded, Dyed, acid washed ect and they all look great..  

 These shorts above are very vintage very cute.. Runwaydreamz - Retailing  @ $ 185.00 to 194.00. Match them with a stretchy cotton tank top tucked in or a cut off over size tee shirt- Pair with a high platform thick heel and you are good to go. Super cute shorts..
 J brand is making a killer with these shorts as well. Colors coming in Purple, Teal, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.. Retailing @ $ 159.00. These are super fun and light weight.. You probably will be showing a little booty in these shorts which is not cute, so make sure you get a the right size... YUCK...

Kourtney (Below) has done a good job with pairing some short shorts with a pretty blouse - Rebecca Minkoff and pairing with the newest must have shoe right now- Christian Louboutins. Standing at a 6 inch heel you will definitely be getting stares when you strut around... Stay cute and girly like Kourtney, PLEASE do not take any of these short shorts and make yourself look trashy and gross.. Remember is you are showing this much leg, dont show the twins or a lot of stomach..

DONE !!!

Closet Madness - Tips 4 dat Ass..

Have you ever heard of the phrase : When your life is cluttered and all over the place, it is reflected in your home.. Well that terms is exactly the truth.A while back along with all my ideas that I have, I wanted to start a company that catered to just getting paid to organize peoples closets. Of course this idea came when the recession was bad, and me being a business women realize that cash revenue wise.. I would not get any where financially because the average person was either struggling with finances or could not get a job because of our recession at that time.

GIRLS - Pet peeve I hate - when a girls closet is completely messy, all your clothes are just bunch together and can not breathe.. Dammit dont you know your clothes have feelings too and they live a life of appreciation and fabulous-ness and ect and need to be treated with respect.. Let your clothes breathe.. I can not stand that...

I am a huge fan of beautiful closets and being very organized within them. " I have a dream that one day....My closet will just happen to look like the Prada clothing section on Rodeo Drive..., I have a dream that one day.... My closet will be an inspired Chanel maddess of love... I have a dream.."  LMAO

Mariah Carey closet- FABULOUS BITCH..SOOOOOOOOO jealous.. lol
4 Tips Ken and Barbie should know and DO ALWAYS

1) Always color coordinate your clothes within your closet. - I live by this rule. When I go out, I choose a color and go straight to that section. It saves me alot of time on trying to hunt for things.

2) Separate your jeans from your normal clothes- if you can and have an extra closet to do so. Its all about organization and being able to know what you have, how many you have and where to find it. It you dont have a second closet to put all your jeans, then please please fold them like you would see in Levi or True religion stores.. And neatly put them on a rack or in your dresser drawers.

3) Barbies- Please Please fold your undies and align them neatly in your drawer- as well as your bras.. I hate to go to a friends house and see a bunch of tangled undies and bras all over the place.. THIS RULE should apply to all chicks.. stay on point with your underwear drawers.

4) Shoes- Ugh please tell me you either keep your shoes in the boxes aligned neatly in your closet. or have them racked up. Please dont tell me that you just have a pile of shoes on the floor in your closet... YUCK I hate that mess.. How can you find both pair os shoes if your closet floor is a tornado.....See below.. Yes all fabuous shoes but what the Hell.. Get organized...

Kens - you should always be on point with your closet too. Never be sloppy .. shows that your sloppy in other places in your life as well. Barbies- please if your closet is not on point. go on ahead this weekend and change it up. and if you do not have the space for it you can still organize to some extent.. Stay Fabulous..... ;)

Star Trek- Teyana Taylor

Hey Barbies, Im back.. its been a long long time... I have completely had no engery to do nothing.. Yes Ive happen to make it to the malls but even then I didnt feel like really shopping.. So ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Teyana Taylor. I love this girl. I have always been a fan of her ever since I saw her on My Sweet Sixteen.. She is the dopest little barbie out there her age.. and many women not her age.. From her hair to her lips, to her amazing body, to her swag, to her Swag... She is on point to me. She is also a dope ass dancer too, Peep her out on the video below...

Teyana for the most part has became a socialite to say the least, She is signed to Star Trek, but never heard a peep out of her. But that is ok.. This blog is about fashion and style, not talent in the entertainment business.
I love how she can take her style from the Tom boy look to danzel in distress girly attire. She looks dope in about every thing she puts on. I remember when I saw her at the Bev center in one of the stores. Her style is just sooo non apologetic. Shes tall and skinny.. With big ASS hair.. Which I love her hair, and the curls are to die for.

    I think I admire her so much because she wears what she wants, and some how makes it work for the trends that are in right now. I am obessed with the boyfriend look, but instead she makes it the tom boy look. Meaning she actually wears mens jeans, sneakers, jackets and screen tees, and wears them all baggy.. But the looks stay fresh and fit her.
I feel that girls today are soo caught up and being the true girly girls that they dont take the time out to really experiment with the threads. Instead of sneakers they go for more 5 inch heels. which by all means I love my 5 inch heel but I also love all my Jordans, Dunks, Blazer Nikes and ect... I think the cutest outfit on a chick is skinny jeans, Jordans and a screen tee- tight. Keeping the outfit grly if you are too scared to go for the full monty of a mens look.

NOTE: To the Barbies that cry when they break a nail - step your game up a little and try something NEW.. Most of the time you can exude sexiness through something so simple as sneakers and  inspired Tom boy jeans. Remember you dont always to show your ass and the twins to get a man's attention.. Create your style with some new looks and things that you dont normally wear.
Keep an eye on this girl and when you see her pics and ect, take the time to look at her fits that she wears and her style.. She is underestimated in the fashion game.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 Streaming list of trends..

So been out shopping and browsing around the malls lately, Some things I have come upon that are in the trend mix right now.

1) The CAT EYE- Sunglasses have always been a game changer. Through years they have always made them and all types of styles. But the style that I am in love with right now, is the Cat eyed sunglasses.. Especially the more dramatic cat eyed. Make sure when hunting down these bad buddies that you actually try them on to see if the frame style even fits your face. Just because they may be cute on display, does not mean that they will transparent that on your face shape. If you search hard enough you can always find blinged out cat eyed glasses or the basic.

2) Color denim- I talk about this is one of my other blogs, but the more I am out in the malls, the more color I am seeing. I have now witness the green J- brand color jean and they are to die for. I am a green person, because your rarely see people just sport a bright green in their normal day attire. They are plenty of high waisted  mini denim shorts out that are hotness.. Pair with a tank tucked in and you are good to go, with Very high thick heel platforms..

3) The Big Earring- You can almost go into any boutique and find a huge hooped or oversize earring. More of the trend is using the feather look or going with the blingged out gems on a hooped earring. I love the  earrings right now that are colorful, creative and fun.. Big and makes a statement. Really one can wear a simple plain one color oufit from head to toe, pair with a huge stand out earring and you are good to go.

4) The Thick Heel Platform- I talked about this a tiny bit in #2 trend. These shoes are more the inspired 70's look, but some of the shoes made right now are classic and way beyond fun. It is always best to pair with short shorts. Any girl short or tall with give off the look of long legs because of this heel and pairing with mini shorts. Find a fun screen tee tank top or t- shirt and you are good to go.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration of Maryse Thomas

So this morning I did a little status on a inspiration of a woman that I have been peeping out for about 3 months now. Ever since I saw her in Elle magazine, I was impressed and simi jealous.. Jealous in a happy way though with a sudden drive that "hey I can do that too, or live out the dreams that I have been wanting to do since I was a little girl". With a lot of hard work, networking and praying first, I can be the top Biatch of what I ultimately want to achieve..

 First of all I am soo in love with the threads that they chose for her interview spread. The coat above is to die for. Kim kardashian has this same coat, but for some reason did not wear it as classy and on point as Maryse has done.. Coat is Burberry Prorsum retailing @ $4495. She paired the jacket with a bright orange top  Thakoon retail @ $ 690.00. and a pair of high waisted trouser Marc Jacobs retailing @$ 625.00. She stayed very natural and all looks beautiful together..

Ok so back to her Maryse. Her company is called Pokeware- it is a technology that consumers can go online to purchase whatever is it they see.. Meaning if you are looking at a celeb you can purchase  items directly from a video or television or even virtual fashion shows.. . You like you can buy..This is genius.. Chick is a millionarie off this..  I have my own similiar idea and all types of demographics I would reach out too and ect ect ect.. How I can twist the idea I had orginially had years ago and make it just as brilliant..

This was my favoriate page in the interview to look at because the outfits are soo up my alley.. Love the Gucci blk and green dress retail @ $ 2695.00. The outfit above with the skirt and blouse..the textures in this outfit are amazing.. The blouse - Proenza Schouler retail @ $ 675. and Skirt- same designer retailing  @ $ 1350. topping the outfit off with Manolo Blahnik retail @ $ 995.00.. MAJOR...
This woman has impeccable style and taste and a great inspiration to me... Lets getum

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stay Ahead of Your Game..

So FB I posted a small clip of my Fav June Ambrose... Shopping for fall shoes.. Yes I know that we are still in Spring but this blog is about staying ahead of the game and since Fall will be coming out in Mid July, It is a good time for me to give you chicks some tips on how to shop, how to find the best selection of the whole season collections, and ect.

Some girls go to mall straight in the dead middle of a season and expect to have a successful shopping experience. They may feel that " Yea im about to come up on all the hottest items out there for the season". But what they fail to realize is that. Fashion for a season is born the season ahead. Sometimes you have to have great knowledge and skills to shop correctly to get what you want. I always shop the season im looking for in the previous season . So for my Fall clothes and shoes, I will shop in Summer.

 Fall example: To find the dopest, hotest boots, you have to know that those particlar boots only come out the season ahead. Waiting til the season comes, you will never find unqiue, or the hottest, boot/shoes. Same things with clothes. Yes of course the basics, of like plain peacoats, t shirts, sweaters, ect, for the fall season will always be there. But the must have, hard to find design/style is only available in the season preview. (Season ahead of that season)... You always have more opportunities to run into sales.. NOTE:  the greatest sales are at the preview and closing of the seasons. Neiman Marcus, Barneys NY, Saks fifth avenue, ect usually have their end of season sales in June and mid July.. Nordstroms, Bloomingdales ect, will start their preview season sale in mid July.. Check out alot of the online boutique too.. I love these...

Recommendation: Go to your favorite Department store or Boutiques and get a personal shopper- yes at no charge.. Catty thing about this- Most of the time a personal shopper will request that you get onto their personal book, if you are spending at a certain amount only.. So if they do,  make them your friend. If they forget to ask you, just ask them yourselves, get their card and get into their personal book. They will call you when something you love goes on sale or when the whole store is going on sale.. or even when an item is coming into the store and you just in the everyday mood to buy something they may think you would love.. SO, you dont have to only use them for a sale. Doing this,  you will have items that you want set aside for you. Your personal shopper will call you for whatever you were looking for, on sale, ect and why not purchase it right over the phone, or have them ship it to you..  

Best stores to have them- Neiman Marcus, Barneys NY, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.. Hahaha NOTE/ JOKE: make sure most of your personal shoppers are men, cause then you know they wont try to save the goodness of stuff for themselves.. unless you have a die hard divo and stunts just as dope as you do.. I personal shop every day that I can, so I miss alot of sales. ha and then when I do find something on sale, I feel I have to have it because, well duh im getting it on sale.. But I always follow my shopping before season theory either way..

 All this I have written about is really nothing , but a smart way to shop. So shop ahead of the season and make retail friends at your favorite stores..

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dont even have to blog on this post.. Speaks for itself...

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