Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My fashion stylist icon- resurfaced

June Ambrose

I'd give up anything and everything to intern with her and work under her. She is what I want to be career wise. I love everything about her and her style is to die for. Early when I started this blog I did a post about her. But I had to bring her back on my blog just because as the years go by, her style gets better and better. She doesn't miss a beat. Enjoy and/or just good her..

I can only imagine what her closet looks like. Her little girl must be in seventh heaven..
Street swag.
Picture below- like really she is probably the only one that could get away with this outfit, but it fits her personality and style. Google her to see how funny and enthusiastic she is..

I'm hoping her sunglasses line is to die for. I love majority of the shades she wears,so buying some of her glasses in her line is a must for me..



Nuff said






Tanya said...

I love her curls.

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