Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saturday style..

Well I'm pretty much obsessed with England accents, and style. If you have not heard about the Saturdays you need to get in tuned, these girls can really sing their butt off, they are all super cute and can dress they're butts off..

I've taken a great liking to Mollie, Frankie and Rochelle when it comes to style. Frankie is probably the first runner up as she reminds me of a younger Victoria beckham.
Mollie- the undercover SoCal girl

Frankie- the mini Victoria Beckham


Rochelle and her very well put together hubby..
Note: your husband should always compliment you.. That is a true great looking couple... And he should be able to dress just as well as you do.. Why I love Europe, the men really know how to dress.

Gota love them!!!



major said...

LOOOOVE ALL THE LOOKS. I remember seeing Frankie about 2 years ago on some site and though a mini vicky b too. I love her style. They are a singing group right? Is this a show? If so I need to watch.


Анна Васильева said...

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